Does Lumen's Hack Your Metabolism Work?

You've probably heard of the slogan, "hack your metabolism."

That is the tagline from Lumen, a new app/hardware combination that includes a tool  that measures your metabolism, via your breath, to determine if you are burning fat, carbs etc.

Then the app uses this information to recommend what to eat, what exercise to do, etc. 

Folks, this is just another diet. 

But telling people when they are burning fat versus carbs is a powerful gimmick because people will automatically leap to the conclusion that if they had this knowledge, they would make better choices.  


You know that when you are about to eat an extra brownie you will not be in a calorie deficit anymore.   Does that stop you?  

If having more information like this worked, we would have already solved the fat problem.

Let me be clear.  People WILL lose weight with this. 

But, I say with great certainty, that in 99% of people, the weight loss will be temporary.

How do I know that?

Because Lumen, just like all other diets, ignores the true cause of being overweight:

Eating without hunger. 

Instead of teaching you to respect hunger, satiety, and cravings, Lumen further disconnects you from biologically-driven eating. 

You learn to ignore your body, in favor of "data."

So, Lumen will sell millions by making people believe that more information equals weight loss.  And the reason they will succeed is because people will lose weight, just like they do with virtually any diet.

And then, just like with any diet, lifestyle app etc, they will gain it back.  But that won't get much press.  And then a new product will come along...

Do not be fooled, my friends.

Don't let reviews highlighting weight loss entice you.  It isn't about weight loss- it is about Permanent Weight Loss.  And the path to permanent weight loss is very different than what Lumen is offering.