Do You Think You Get Sugar “Crashes?”

I’ve done this…

I used to think I got sugar “crashes.”

Now, my body handles sugar just fine.

This is my theory on how this transition has occurred.

When I used to eat sugar, it was a “binge.”  I would go for long periods of time being “good,” eating very little sugar etc.  But when I finally “cracked,” I would over do it.  Instead of eating a normal amount of sweets-  say a couple of cookies, I would eat ten.

Yea, and that is a lot of sugar for my body to handle, especially since I hadn’t eaten sugar in weeks.  That made me think I couldn’t handle sugar.  Silly!!  I just couldn’t handle bingeing on sugar.

Your body is meant to handle normal amounts of food, including sugar.  And I was betraying my body by overdoing the sugar after depriving my body of sugar for weeks.

After reconnecting to my normal hunger rhythms and my normal cravings for all kinds of foods, my body happily metabolizes what I eat very nicely, including sweets.

I bet yours will too…