Dieting Isn’t Glamorous

Your diet mentality is reinforced everyday by our culture.  Do not underestimate how many pro-diet messages you receive everyday.

Weight Watchers makes Jennifer Hudson look so glamorous as she is singing away.

I don’t know about you, but I never felt glamorous on a diet.  I felt grumpy.

And after the first few days, when my body adjusted to whatever diet that I was on, I would feel better.  I would be on a diet “high” where this diet was THE ONE.

  •  I would lose weight.
  •  I would go off the diet.
  •  I would gain the weight back.
  •  I went through this cycle so many times.  I am sure that you have too.

It is awful.

Make sure you remind yourself how awful that was.  You need to keep that memory alive as you replace your diet mentality with your thin mentality.

Otherwise, you might bargain with yourself  that you will just go on a diet if this thin mentality thing doesn’t work out.

Stop.  That bargain will keep your diet mentality alive.

Fully commit to giving up dieting.  Eat for one reason only- hunger.  And you will learn that hunger takes different forms.  Having a “taste for something,” can be hunger.  The more you listen to your body and answer the various ways that real hunger expresses itself to you, the better you will get at knowing you are eating for your body, not your brain.