Dieting Is Expensive, Your Thin Mentality Isn’t

One of the greatest things about having a healthy thin mentality is that you get to be picky.

I don’t ever eat something I don’t really want.  I like the tops of muffins.  I never eat the bottom part.  My diet mentality would have said, well, you are eating this muffin so you might as well eat the whole thing.

No way!  I am not going to eat anything that I don’t love!  Why would I?  Instead of shoving down that part of the muffin I don’t like because I have “allowed” myself a muffin, I eat just the part I like, and if I am still hungry, and want more, I get another muffin and just eat the top.

Are you saying, “Well, that is expensive?”

I guarantee that eating with a healthy Thin Mentality is less expensive than being a dieter.  So if occasionally I throw out part of a muffin I don’t like and buy another one, I know I am still way ahead.  I take food home from restaurants where a dieter would gobble up every part of their “allowed” dinner.  I buy treats in bulk because I am NOT afraid of them.  I don’t have to buy special diet food, etc., etc., etc.

With a healthy thin mentality, you eat what you want, when you want it.  If it is dinner, but I want breakfast, I eat breakfast.  I don’t have to check some rule book.  The ONLY focus is that eating must be in response to physical hunger, and it has to answer what I am craving.

Eating for any other reason is like scratching when you don’t itch.  And when I “itch” for breakfast at 6 pm.,  that is what I eat.  If I ate spaghetti instead, it would not answer my hunger or make me feel happily satisfied.

It would be like scratching my arm when my foot itched.

Give yourself a chance to discover your true likes and what you hunger for.  Your unique preferences are a part of you.  It is actually really fun to discover them, and to respond to them.

Remember, eat when you are hungry.  Eat the kind of food your body is craving.  Stop when your body isn’t asking for it anymore.

Remember the point of diminishing return?  The first bite is the BEST.  The fifth bite is only okay.  That is because your body doesn’t need you to keep eating anymore…