Dieting Changes How You See Yourself

You have a lot of beliefs about yourself and eating.

Some of them may be true.  Some of them may not be.


“I have a huge appetite.”

“I don’t like vegetables.”

“I am a junk food junkie.”

But please consider this:  constant dieting perverts your view of YOURSELF.

Dieting has made you think things like: ·

” I am always hungry.”

“I would eat sweets all day long if I could.”

“I am doomed to be fat if I don’t constantly diet.”

But dieting isn’t a normal state.  Your behavior on a diet doesn’t reflect the “normal you.”   Dieting makes us to lose touch with how we really are, as eaters! And even if you aren’t currently on a diet, if you THINK that there may be a diet in your future you don’t behave normally. Do you see this?

A future diet changes your present behavior. Bottom line:

1.     Dieting perverts your relationship with normal eating.

2.     Dieting perverts your view of yourself.

3.     Dieting perverts your body by causing you to over eat both before and after a diet.

When I stopped dieting, my entire view of myself as an eater changed.  Long held beliefs I had regarding what I liked, how much I wanted to eat, etc., faded away and were replaced with my true preferences, eating patterns and hunger and satiety signals. I want this for every person who reads this blog.

What you discover about yourself will be different than what I discovered about me.  And learning about how you are as an eater is really important to your physical and mental health.

Listen -!

Food and your relationship with food is a really important part of your life.  Food gives you life.  Right? And many of us have played roulette with food for a large part of our lives.  Casually betting on this or that diet. We have not recognized the disastrous impact that dieting has on the essential act of eating.

We have played with a beautifully balanced system without respect.

Get your normal relationship with food and eating back.  No weird diet rules.  No food demonization.  No desperate attempts to lose 5 pounds in three days. Banish your diet mentality from your brain, heart and soul.   Listen to the beauty of your body’s voice and get reacquainted with the real you.