Dieters think they need to up their will power to lose weight.


They need to take the time and energy to replace that will power with a  reconnection to their own biological cues to eat, and not to eat.  

Being connected to a physical drive that you are supposed to respond to is not will power.   Will power is going against that drive.  And dieters are asked to do that all the time. 

Hungry for salad?  No, today is an all protein day.  Or, hungry at 2 but dinner isn't until 7?  Well, no food for you, your window of eating is the only time you can eat.

Following these mandates is will power.

But, when you get into a rhythm where eating with hunger is normal, and not eating without hunger feels abnormal, everything changes.

You learn that will power is not the strength you thought it was.  Will power is a state of mind that resists biology in favor of current diet trends.

That, my friends, will backfire as you slide from diet to diet searching for a diet that you can tolerate.

Your HTM will build on itself, not with will power, but with the re-integration of you with YOU.   And you will get stronger and better and better at this.  There is no end date, there is no "breaking your diet."

 This is you, for the rest of your life, eating with hunger, and NOT eating when hunger is absent.

You CAN do this.