Dieters Battle, Thin Mentality People Live In Peace

Don’t let the New Year bully you into a diet.  Instead, develop your thin mentality.

And the first step is to to learn what it feels like to be hungry, and to NOT be hungry.  To start feeling the difference, experiment a bit:

  • Take a bite of something when you are not hungry.  Notice how it feels.  There is no big spark of taste bud happiness, is there?  It may still be “good,” but there are no fireworks, are there?
  • Remember that feeling.
  • Then take a bite of something when you know for certain that you ARE hungry.
  • How does that compare?

This seems so simplistic, but over years, or decades, if you have ignored these sensations, you have to coax them back, so that you can use them to guide you once again.  (As Mother Nature intended, of course.)

At this point, if I eat when I am not hungry, or hungry enough, I know it immediately because the food almost feels foreign in my mouth.  LIke my body is saying, “Hey, what the heck is this?”

Honestly, I remember a time when I would have said that life would be so great if I could just eat what I wanted.  I imagined myself eating tons of food and being slim.

Okay, well here is the thing:   With a thin mentality, you do eat whatever you want.  But the catch is, that you don’t end up eating as much as you thought you would because you have tuned into what it feels like to be satiated.

That is the whole crux of it.

I know you may not believe me.   You have been trained by the diet industry, and society in general, that you need a lot of “help” to decide what to eat.  But, please believe that you DO NOT.

When you reconnect eating with hunger, and when you reconnect eating with your body’s cravings, all the mystery is gone.  It truly is simple and beautiful.

I would not have thought this was true either.  But, free yourself from the good food, bad food dieting tyranny that has crippled your ability to eat normally.  You can get normal eating back.  And when you eat normally, for your specific body, and body type, your weight returns to normal for you.

If you want to be super skinny, you are gong to have to eat abnormally.

But if you want to be healthy thin, rebuild a normal relationship with food.