Dancing Around The Word Diet

The recent commercials for Nutrisystem feature Marie Osmond saying that she is on Nutrisystem and she isn’t dieting.  Jennifer Hudson is doing the same thing on Weight Watchers.

Folks, you can avoid the “D” word all you want.  When you are eating prescribed food without respect to your body’s voice, you are dieting.  And dieting is a short term fix.

Now, if some company paid you millions of dollars to you to stay on their diet, maybe the trade off would be worth it!   Maybe having a stressful relationship with food, not eating what you love, unless you check in your rule book first to see if you’ve “earned” a piece of chocolate,  and constantly jumping on the scale to see “where you are” would be okay because your bank account would be fat??  Maybe losing and gaining would be acceptable?

(Remember all the endorsers who have rapidly gained back weight???)
But, if you are not a celebrity paid endorser, think really hard about what WW and Nutrisystem ask you to do.  They ask you to disregard your body and follow their rules.

And they ask you to pay for their rules.  And they ask you to pay for their special foods.  And the reward is that you lose weight short term, and gain it back, plus more.

See the recent blog on the real story about Weight Watchers (Dated Feb 2)

So let them dance around in their tight pants. They are dancing around the word Diet and they are making big money off of these ads.  And they are promoting a diet mentality.  And you are too smart for that.

You are seeking long term thinness.  You are seeking to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures on earth without guilt.  You are seeking to a life that doesn’t include daily frustration and angst over food choices and fear of the food you love.

You are building your thin mentality.   One question:  Are you hungry?  Nothing else matters.