Chronic Dieting Turns Us Into Food Addicts

I have included a link to this article from Psychology Today, but for ease I pulled out a few sentences you might really be interested in:

The Problem with Dieting- How Dieting Creates Food Addicts

  1. Bad news for yo-yo dieters this week: according to a recent study, cycles of feast and famine can create fast-food junkies–at least in rodents.
  2. By making the unhealthy food temporarily unavailable, the researchers created food addicts. Food might not be addictive on its own, but prohibiting it can set off a cycle of anxiety, craving, and overconsumption that for all purposes looks like addiction.
  3. There’s no reason to believe that the food itself was the problem in this study, but the anxiety induced by restricting access to it.

Think of the implications of this for your own life.

Dieting leaves you vulnerable to huge weight swings, cravings, and food addictions.  Diets do not make you thin and happy.  Diets destroy your relationship with normal eating.

Normalize your relationship with food and eating by replacing your diet mentality with a healthy thin mentality.

For the whole article here is the link:  The author draws some conclusions that I would not, but the information from the actually studies is great.