Boredom Eating? A Thin Mentality Perspective

If you are bored and feel like you want to eat to make yourself less bored try this.

Say to yourself, “I have some time on my hands.  I am going to take this time to make myself something really great to eat.  Maybe I will even go to the store and get unusual ingredients.  Then I am going to take my time  and really enjoy preparing it.  And then, I will wait until I am hungry (By the time you do all that, you probably will be)  and I will enjoy it thoroughly.”

Do you see how different that is?  This is a Joyful way to approach this.

You are “owning” that you are going to make a bid deal out of eating because you are bored.  Fine!  Make something special.  Prepare a tricky soufflé or whatever.  That is a nice way to spend some time.

But the actually eating of it occurs WHEN hunger comes.  And remember- that is not a big restriction!  You experience hunger several times a day on average, right?  You may not even know this because you haven’t heard your voice for a long time (because you ignore your voice now) but trust me, hunger will talk to you when you start listening.

And hunger really is always just around the corner…

I think popcorn is a big culprit in teaching people to use eating as an “activity.”    At least it was for me.  Do you remember those air pop popcorn makers-  No oil or anything needed.  It was awful- like eating styrofoam.  But I made popcorn that way and ate it because it allowed me to eat and eat and chew and chew.  I didn’t realize how that was interfering with my linking hunger to eating.

So- next time you are bored and feel like chowing down- remember, you can enjoy preparing something really great when you are bored- make it fantastic and WAIT for hunger.  It will be spectacular!