Best Exercise Of All?

I taught aerobics for years- and spinning.  And I worked out a lot.  And I lifted weights. And I love tennis

Do you know what exercise I would keep if I had to do just one for the rest of my life?

Weight lifting.

Now don’t cringe.  I am not talking about body building.  I am talking about lifting enough weight that I feel it the next day but it doesn’t “hurt.”  I turn on great music or if I am at a gym I bring ear phones or just people watch while I lift or whatever-

I have been doing this for about 20 years.  I used to just do cardio, cardio, cardio.  And I noticed that I didn’t really change my body.  I was lean enough, but no real muscle built.  And neither did the people in my class.  We had fun and our hearts were in great shape.  But I wanted some good muscle.

And reasonable weight lifting has got me there.

Here are the positives to weight lifting:

You build muscle-  no you won’t bulk up unless you are super rare-  I have never seen a woman bulk up without drugs and/or  heavy lifting

You get great cardio workout-  Nothing works the heart more than some weight lifting.  You don’t get that sustained high rate unless you try to move through your routine quickly, but you get really good at recovering quickly and that is a good measure of fitness.

It can be done very conveniently with modest amount of equipment.

It can be made up of a huge variety of moves and reps.

It keeps your body young because young=muscle!

It keeps you strong.

Of course you need to know what you are doing, lift appropriately and with the right form.   But this isn’t brain surgery.  A few trips to a trainer or following someone good on YouTube and you are all set.  It really isn’t as complicated as the exercise industry has made it.

Does this complaint of mine sound familiar?  Yep!  It is a lot like the diet industry- They make it complicated so you feel that you have to pay a lot to “figure it out.”


Please remember my favorite saying —  What is the BEST exercise of all? Pushing away from the table when you aren’t hungry anymore.

And if you are only going to do one exercise- lift weights!

I was thinking that I could do a couple of YouTube vids showing you all what I do-  let me know- comment here, if you would like that.

I am here to help you break free of the diet habit and get the healthy body and healthy mind and soul you want.  You can do it.  Please keep coming back and let me know if you have ideas on what would help you the most.