Aren’t You Tired Of Wasting Your Time?

Consider this:

  1. How much effort and money have you spent reading the latest diet book, buying the latest miracle food, and following the latest “perfect” nutrition plan?
  2. How much time and energy have you spent talking with friends about your latest dieting successes and failures?
  3. How much mental effort have you spent counting calories and obsessing over food choices?
  4. How much angst have you spent on self-recrimination over weight gain after weight loss?

And what is your reward for all of this effort?

Typically, our best efforts result in yo-yo weight loss/gain, and a perverted relationship with food and eating.

   What if these resources—our time, energy, effort, and money—were spent on something else?  What could we accomplish?

Replace your diet mentality with a thin mentality and not only will you normalize your relationship with food, you will have more time for other, more fulfilling endeavors in your life.

And, as you seek to replace your diet mentality with a thin mentality, remember, we are seeking progress, not perfection.  Seeking perfection is a diet mentality, and it cripples you.  Progress is the key.  Every day, seek to be a little more connected with your body.

Unlike dieting, when you build your thin mentality, there is no “falling off the wagon.”  Just stay in the present and follow our one principle:  Eat when you are hungry.  When your hunger is quiet, stop eating.  You can enjoy more food as soon as your hunger re-awakens.  And it will, soon!

And if you feel like you ate when you weren’t hungry, learn from it.  Next time, you will realize it sooner.  Sometime you may stop eating too early, learn from that too.

By paying attention to your body, you will get to know your natural hunger and satiety cues.  And your thin mentality will grow stronger and stronger.

Rejecting the diet industry takes persistent fortification.  So, check in often.  And please, share your comments. Your stories help others.  Or share on Facebook!