Are You Scared Of Carbohydrates Like Bagels?

Bagels are a beautiful food- when you are hungry.
They are chewy and made of all varieties and are so delicious with cream cheese and lox or peanut butter or butter or tuna fish – I could go on and on- they are NOT poison! Your body needs carbs to survive.  
The diet industry has made a ton of money making you believe that if you eat such a ghastly food- such as a bagel, you are on your way to obesity.
So sad!
They demonize food so you will think you need advice on how to avoid it…
So If you crave a bagel, or whatever carb it is, simply wait for hunger to "bloom,"  which it will, and then enjoy it.   
And if you don’t crave a carb rich food, but you are a guest at someone’s house,  and they are proudly showing you what they got from their favorite bagel shop, use common sense, right?  
I sometimes take a few bites of something to please my hostess- yes I do. That is the price you pay for not being rude sometimes… You can also say, “Wow that looks wonderful, but I am not hungry right now.”
But for the great majority of my life- 99.9% of the time, I don’t have to please anyone but myself.  And neither do you.
Stay strong knowing that your healthy thin mentality  (HTM) is there for you, constantly getting stronger.  But sometimes, in life, we make small “sacrifices” to be a good friend, or polite. And that is reasonable.  
And when you stay in the moment, and keep asking yourself , "Am I hungry?" you won't let one bite of something turn into you eating a whole bunch of something you didn't even want.  
Commit to putting your energy here, instead of dieting.  Your future you thanks you...