How to Avoid Thoughts That Trigger Over Eating

Even though you have pledged to stop dieting and develop a healthier mindset, diet mentality thoughts persist.  After all, you have nurtured them for years, or even decades-as I did!

You may find yourself counting up the calories you ate in a day, measuring your waist, stepping on the scale, tossing and turning at night trying to figure out how to eat less tomorrow.

These thoughts all impede your progress. 

Yes, it is hard to get rid of thought patterns that have been a mainstay in your life for such a long time.

But you must de-weaponize them.  Recognize those thoughts, but guide yourself back to HTM (Healthy Thin Mentality) thinking.

In other words, when your mind drifts toward guilt for eating something that your diet mentality considers a bad food, guide it back with HTM mantras such as:

 Nothing is fattening when you are hungry, everything is fattening when you are not. 

Remember, you are not your thoughts and you can and should manage them!

And "managing" that diet mentality out of your life is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.  But this is not a passive task! 

You must actively steer yourself away diet mentality thinking that brought you yo-yo weight, food fear, good food/bad food thinking, and even severe eating disorders.  (I am not a doc, so if you have an eating disorder, please get professional help.)

The workbook that I created is built on recognizing your own personal history as a dieter, why diets make us heavier over time, and how to become an HTM eater where you lose weight, food is joyful, you appreciate having bountiful food, and your life.