Are you discouraged that your weight isn't dropping?  After all, when you went on a diet, you usually saw results by now, right?

Yes, I know.  

Here are 3 ways to break through and start seeing calm, slow, weight loss.

First, we must recognize that weight loss is, indeed, tied to eating less.

So the question is, "How do I eat less?"

But for weight loss to be sustained, it needs to be done in harmony with your body, without creating stress, deprivation anxiety, or ignoring true physical hunger.

Because we want consistent, harmonious, happy weight loss.  We do not want "crash and burn" style weight loss, right?  (Because that kind of weight is always gained back...)

So the full question becomes, "How do I eat less in harmony with my body?" 

Okay, so here are three valuable thoughts to power up your HTM

1.  I can eat everything in my house.  I can eat the cheese, the chocolate, the vegetables, the meat, the ice cream, the snacks.  It is all mine.  And every single time my hunger "blooms," I can and should eat, out of respect for the powerful instinct that burns inside of me to survive.  After all food is life.

The flip side of this, is that as much as I will respect my hunger, I will respect my lack of hunger.  And, in the beginning, when this seems harder, I will remind myself of this:

It seems hard to not eat when I am not hungry because dieting has disrupted this normal connection.  And, every time I succeed in holding off eating until my beautiful hunger smiles at me, I am rebuilding that bridge, the bridge between my normal instinct to eat, and not eat, and Me.  It is in harmony with my body to do this, and my body is begging me to reconnect.  It will get easier and easier over time, not harder, like dieting.


2.  Whenever I eat, I will not connect future eating to past eating.  For example, if I think I ate too much at dinner, I will not eat more because I have already "ruined this meal."  . 

If I feel myself unable to resist eating when hunger has subsided, I will acknowledge it and pay attention to the sensation of eating without hunger.   I will notice that it is not as glorious as eating with hunger.  I will remember that.  I will learn from that.

And that learning will help me build my HTM.

3.  If I am sad that I am not losing weight as fast as I want, I will remember:

The first step is teaching my body that it is safe from dieting.  Dieting taught my body that hunger and satiety don't matter to me.   This dysfunction completely corrupted my relationship with food, eating, and my body.  I am changing that, day by day, meal by meal.

When my body feels safe, and I build that happy rhythm of eating with hunger, everything will change.   I have to do that on my pace, and it will be different for each of us.

I am working toward that calm, happy place where eating without hunger seems weird. 

And it will....