You need to understand what your diet mentality is doing to
your thought processes as you try to become an intuitive eater. 

For example, you are at your favorite restaurant eating your favorite meal and even though hunger is gone, you say to yourself, "I'm just going to eat this."

Stop, and do this.

Pretend that you can never diet again, not because you're an intuitive eater,
but just pretend that for some other reason, you can't. 

Take away that possibility of a future diet because you will differently with that plate of food if you can't use a future diet as a bargaining chip to release you from pairing eating with hunger.

You can't fall into, "I can go on a diet or I'll just go work out more on the elliptical or whatever."

Using a future action, such as dieting or working out more, derails your progress as an intuitive eater. "Deal making" sabotages your ability embrace the beauty, wisdom and health of eating intuitively.

I know all these thoughts. I had them all.

And what are you left with after you make such a deal anyway?  Is it fun? Is it glorious?  Or, is it a sinking crummy feeling as in,  "Okay, great. Payback time."

It's like being in debt.

It's no fun.

And if you use exercise to justify eating more - as in past hunger - consider this scenario:

You say, I will over eat and then I'll go on that elliptical and I'll burn an extra 500 calories.  So you go on the elliptical and you see the screen say 500 calories burned,  and you hop off.

What you don't realize, and what no one ever talks about is that the elliptical shows the amount of calories you're burning. 

But it doesn't say that if you didn't work out at all, you would have burned 150 just existing, so it isn't an extra 500 it is an extra 350. (I am using hypothetical numbers to make a point.)  

So we always overestimate how much exercise actually burns.

As a fitness instructor for years, I say people constantly over estimating how much exercise burned off.   In addition to that, when we calculate how much food we've had, in general, we underestimate how many calories are in our food.

I don't want you thinking that way!

First because it is likely inacurate, and second because eating food and then planning to "pay back" the over eating later by dieting or work outs is a joyless, unnecessary way to be at your happy weight.

Instead, be an intuitive eater where math is NOT necessary! 

And an important step is to understand why deal making with the future is harmful to becoming the intuitive eater you deserve to be.

More on this topic in this week's You Tube Video.