5 Thoughts To Eat Less

As you are getting used to eating in response to hunger, keep these thoughts in your head.

1.  The first bite is the best.  

Notice that when you are hungry, and you begin eating, the first bite is the very best.  Notice how that diminishes as you continue to eat.  Stay aware of this change so that you realize when eating has gone from amazing to just, "meh."  When it isn't great, delay eating any more until your hunger is bright.

2.  I can have it all, just not all at once.

Sometimes when we have a bunch of really great food around, we feel pressure to eat it all.  And you CAN!  Just not all at once...  That is a fair trade off, right?  You can have everything, just not all at once.  Reflect in the wisdom of that thought for a moment...

3.  Hunger isn’t an illness.

You aren't sick when you are hungry.  You are simply waiting and anticipating for a amazing pleasure.  No need to panic, no need to over do it.  Look forward to your hunger knowing that it is your cue to eat.

4.  Hunger isn’t painful.

The saying, "hunger pains" makes us believe that being hungry is painful, and that, in turn,  makes us believe we need to avoid hunger.   

No!  Don't avoid hunger!  Let it brew within you. 

Get used to what it feels like.  Recognize that it isn't a straight line, it is a spiral.  And learn to take care of your hunger with the food you love at the time which serves you best, where it is the most relaxing, joyful and pleasurable.  

I love that first hint of hunger.  But I don't eat then!   Instead, I use those initial hints of hunger as a reminder that I need to start thinking about how I will take care of myself when this becomes more powerful.

It is a joyful anticipation.

5.  Saying no to food with hunger is really hard. Saying no to food without hunger is not...

If you have ever, as a dieter, said no to eating when you were hungry, you can do this.  This is so much easier! 

Saying no to food when you aren't hungry is annoying, at first, because you may be used to eating when you felt a certain way, even if you weren't hungry.  But you aren't battling a deeply ingrained biological drive! 

So, don't compare saying no when you aren't hungry to saying no with when you are hungry. Differentiating between these two objectives will help you.  Your body does not want you to eat without hunger.  Your body does want you to eat with hunger. 

The first time you say no to eating when you are NOT hungry is the hardest.  Over time, happily, this gets easier and easier. 

And one day, you will wake up and realize that your Healthy Thin Mentality has become automatic.

And that will be a beautiful day.  You CAN do this.  Come with me.