I know you want to be thin and I'm here to show you how to get to your happy weight in a way that is actually joyful,  not painful, like dieting- which doesn't work for permanent weight loss anyway... 

I'm going to tell you today about five thoughts that I keep in the forefront of my mind to keep my Healthy Thin Mentality thriving.

You can do this too.

And remember, when you stop dieting and replace that diet mentality with a Healthy Thin Mentality everything changes.

All right.

So let's go.


When I'm eating, I say to myself, do I have hunger sauce?  Hunger sauce comes from eating when you are hungry- your mouth explodes with saliva and bright taste buds.   That is your hunger sauce, and it is THE BEST SAUCE.

With hunger, something that isn't even your favorite food is delicious.

So use that thought to make sure when you're eating that you have some of that sauce on your food. Now, I'm not saying that you have to have every bite be like, oh my god, I'm starving and this is wonderful.

No, but as you're eating, pay attention to what's happening. Are you still enjoying it as much as you did on the first bite. The second fight the third bite when the joy starts to diminish, that's your body saying, hey, I think I'm good here. Pay attention to that.

You'll eat less and you'll lose weight and it won't be hard.


Eat the cake. Let me tell you what I mean.

You're thinking you would really like to eat something that you don't think is not "good," right? So you don't eat it and instead you eat a salad, something that you know you like, but you really had your eye over there, on the cake.

So you eat the salad and then you also eat the cake that you were trying to avoid. Okay guys, this is why it is not smart to do that.  You actually end up eating more by not eating what you craved in the first place.

Instead of forcing yourself to eat something that you don't really want. 

Sometimes you're going to crave sweets and that's fine. Don't question it. Just keep in touch. Do you have hunger sauce while you're eating it? Are you still really loving this? And if you are, continue eating.

But when that dissipates... delay eating more until hunger returns.

You'll satisfy that craving without overdoing it.


When we get tired, it's harder to answer what your body needs.  It's fuzzier because when you're tired, nothing works as well.

So I always ask myself, if I'm not sure I'm hungry, "Am I just tired? Do I just need to rest for a little bit or do I need to drink a big glass of water because I'm just so dehydrated and my body isn't functioning properly."

I can very easily find out quickly whether or not I'm truly hungry or whether I just need a little boost from a rest or fluid.

Taking care of ourselves actively is something that we forget!

So when you're not sure if you are tired or hungry or thirsty, give yourself a chance to figure it out.  Rest, and if you feel better, then you weren't hungry!  You were tired.  If you have a big glass of water and you feel better, then you weren't hungry. You were thirsty.

Over time you will get really good at knowing exactly what your fatigue, thirst and hunger signals are.  Take the time know to get to know them.


Whenever I eat, I always make sure it has nothing to do with the time of day.

The clock has nothing to do with whether or not my body is hungry.

You might develop into a rhythm where noon is a good time for you to eat. We generally fall into patters that do work out well.  But  always be open for the possibility that your hunger and the typical clock of eating do not match and do not allow yourself to have a clock tell your body that it's time to eat.

Because your body tells you when it's time to eat, not the clock.

If you think that's too complicated and hard because of your schedule, etc., my strong advice to you is to make it work my friends, make it work. If you think that's hard, how much harder is it to live in a body that you don't like because it's overweight?


 This is a very, very big one... 

Make sure you keep this thought out of your head. "Well, I worked out yesterday, so I should probably probably a little more protein or whatever."


Let your body tell you that.  If you crave more protein,  honor that. Or you may crave more carbohydrates, and that's fine. But don't go into your head to figure that out. Listen to your body because your body will tell you.

If you're new at this, you may think your body doesn't tell you anything.

But you're just not listening!

As soon as soon you quiet your brain and just start listening to what your body is saying and how your body is reacting to different food, you are on your way.  You will be so surprised at how smart it is and how full of guidance your body is. So keep that thought of future or past exercise in your eating decision out of the way.

It's always, only you, in this moment asking,  "Am I hungry?"

All right guys, I hope these thoughts were helpful. Stick with me.  Building your HTM is life changing and the best gift to give yourself.

And I promise there's no reason you can't do this.