Every morning when you get up, instead of weighing yourself, replace diet mentality self talk with these thoughts:

I can have it all, just not all at once.
I am not being "good" or "bad," I am being responsive.
I'm looking for progress, not perfection.


So let's break down why these are so important.  

I can have it all, just not all at once.

When you look at a beautiful plate of food, instead of feeling stress because you are afraid you will overeat, think:

I am so lucky to have this plate of food in front of me.  It is all mine.  And I can eat it all.  But I do not need to eat it all right now.  It is here for me whenever my hunger comes for me.   There is no urgency, I don't need to hide this or eat it quickly so no one will see. 

Whenever I have hunger. I can languish over it, I can eat it quickly, and I can eat it all.  I simply will do this when I have hunger and it will be a great experience.

I am not being "good" or "bad," I am being responsive.

I will not judge myself for eating less or for eating more. 

Instead, I will simply work on connecting hunger and eating, and non-hunger with non-eating.  That may mean that I eat more than I expected, or less.  Either way, I will get out of the way of my body's wisdom.  

By doing this, my body's voice will get stronger and stronger will guide me to my happy weight mentality.

I'm looking for progress, not perfection.

I will not underestimate the magnitude of the transformation I am making in my life.  To go from a diet mentality to a Happy Weight Mentality is a life changing endeavor.

Because I realize this, I understand that there will be days when I doubt if I can do this, when I am influenced by people around me who are dieting and losing weight.

And there will be days that I feel like I am not doing this perfectly.

And on those days, I will remember that perfectionism is a diet mentality thought. 

And I am an imperfect human being doing the best I can.  Every time I connect eating with hunger, I will smile.  And every time I don't respect hunger and satiety, I will gently remind myself of the wisdom of learning how to eat in response to these cues.  And I will smile again.