100 Calorie Snack Packs

I wrote on Facebook today that Dr. Oz pointed said researchers found that people who eat 100 calorie snack packs actually eat more…

I thought it was excellent that he pointed that out- ha!  If you read my blog, you know I frequently don’t like what he says because he props up the diet and “magic” food mentality.

Here is my take on the snack pack situation:

Why aren’t we embarrassed that we “need” someone to portion control for us?  Are we that lame?  Can we not put a few chips on a plate and “trust” ourselves to eat until satisfied?

Apparently not.

So we pay a higher price for someone to put the “right” amount of chips or cookies or whatever in a bag for us.

Now think about that.  You think that someone outside your body knows better than your own body how much food you need.  Your body knows what you did that day, how much you “burned,” how much you ate last night, etc.

Your body knows that you worked out really hard, for example,  and few salty chips would be great.

Yet, you just grab the snack pack and eat the whole thing no matter what.  But that one size fits all doesn’t work.  Be honest, haven’t you ever eaten three of those “snack packs” in a row-  or four or five…

And those snack packs build a diet mentality by putting your portion control out of your hands and putting it in someone else’s.

People!  Take charge of your own eating.  If you crave a few chips, you are not “bad.”  Sometimes that is exactly what I want.  I used to have those stupid little bags in my pantry.  Yes, I sadly paid more for less food.

Now I have a big ole bag of those salt and pepper chips that I love in my pantry.  Literally weeks will go by and I will not have one.  I am not afraid to have them around.  They have zero power over me.

I promise that wasn’t always the case.  LIke you, (maybe) I used to only have so called healthful snacks around.  And finally, when I “broke” and binged, I tell you, nothing was safe.  I would eat all the snack packs at one sitting etc.  Ugh.  I laugh now, because I picture myself, and it was so silly and such a waste of my life.  (Actually it makes me sad too.)

I want you to get where I am- where you don’t fear food.  Where you don’t give your decision making power over what you eat to some stranger who filled those snack packs or decided how much to put on your plate at a restaurant.

You decide how much you eat, and when you eat, and what you eat by… paying attention to yourself.  Oh my this normal concept seems so revolutionary!

Someone is making a lot of money off us.  “Yes, lets put less chips in the single bag and charge more.”  Can you imagine that conversation at their marketing meeting?  “Do you really think people will pay more for less???”


Please keep faith in yourself.

You will get the thin body to match your thin mentality.  It isn’t quick but it is permanent, and it is a pleasant “journey.”  You will learn a lot about yourself.  And you too will look back at 100 calorie snack packs and sigh…