On-Line Course The First 12 Weeks of Intuitive Eating with Meg

On-Line Course The First 12 Weeks of Intuitive Eating with Meg

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Is Intuitive Eating for weight loss?

Yes! it is the perfect way to lovingly lose weight, if YOU want to.  

As an intuitive eater you will:

-GET and STAY at your happy weight !

-Stop needing 4 different sizes of jeans in your closet!  Ugh!!

-Look forward to parties and dinners out as opportunities for great pleasure, instead of a sabotage of your "diet." 

-Spend your beautiful life doing the things you love instead of worrying about how you will ever go to your reunion at this weight!

-Be happier!  If your relationship with food and eating is broken, it is hard to be as happy as you could be...  

I made the transition from dieter to intuitive eater in 2000. 

I know the obstacles, the doubts, and the fear that if you stop dieting, you will never be at your happy weight.

The irony is that the only way to permanently get to your happy weight AND have a stress free relationship with food and eating is to become an intuitive eater.

Take my hand and I will show you the way. 

This course is based off of our workbook, The First 12 Weeks of Intuitive Eating with Meg and also includes 200 pages of excerpts from our book, Diets are Fattening.

Within this program, I walk you through each week to unravel your diet mentality and establish a whole new way of looking at eating. 

Our course is packed with resources, stories and great mantras.  Try putting them on your phone home screen to keep you connected to making this transition!

Guidance includes weekly audio and introductory video.

You can do this!

Come join me.

Meg Meranus

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100% guaranteed refund policy.  Refund must be initiated in 14 days.   Email me, Meg Meranus, at meg@dietsarefattening.com for assistance.