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Lose weight by embracing a whole new perspective, where food is not the enemy, weight loss is permanent, and the joy of eating the food you love is embraced. 

Throughout  this book, our workbook, our YouTube Channel, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, I am reaching out to you, to show you that dieting is not the way to be a thin person. 

Dieting is the way to being a dieter. 

Free yourself from diet behavior and learn to behave like a naturally thin person.  You were born with this instinct.  Yes, you were.  And you can get it back.

Here is the introduction to Diets Are Fattening.    


Despite the exponential increase in dollars spent on

diets in the United States, we are fatter than ever.

Did you get that?

The more we spend on diets the fatter we become.


Can we draw any conclusions from this?

Perhaps diets don’t make us thin – perhaps they make

us fat…


But I can hear you saying, “How can the diet industry

be held responsible for the increase in obesity?”

Well, I will show you how— that is the purpose of this

book. Give me a chance to explain it to you. The payoff

for understanding this is HUGE.

I want you to understand that the diet industry isn’t

motivated to make you thin. The diet industry is

motivated to make your wallet thin.

That’s right. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, 100

calorie snack packs, Diet soda, Jenny Craig, Phen Phen

and the Biggest Loser TV show are all motivated by the

same factors that motivate BMW, Starbucks, and


They all want to make money!

There is nothing wrong with that. People usually do

go into business to make money. And they all use

advertising to convince us that we “need” their products.

Starbucks convinces you that a tall mocha is worth

$3.25, BMW makes you feel a need for their expensive

cars, and Apple persuades you that their phone is worth

the extra cost.

The diet industry uses advertising for the same

purpose: to create a “need” for their products. And they

spend BILLIONS of dollars every year to train you that

you “need” to diet.

And we follow like sheep.

But think logically!

How many people in your life have lost weight

permanently through dieting? How many of those

newly-thin celebrities stay thin? How many diets have

you been on?

And if dieting works, then why aren’t you thin?

In order to stop you from “connecting these dots,”

propaganda from the diet industry is absolutely

relentless. I don’t need to tell you how many diet ads are

on TV, in magazines, and on the Internet.

And these messages are reinforced by what you see in

your grocery store: packaging for foods is all about

“nutrition,” and serving sizes, and calories, and “light

this,” and “low fat” that. And, adding to the power of

diet propaganda is the power of our culture to make fat

people feel like absolutely inadequate, undisciplined


So you have the guilt-ridden fat person looking for a

savior. “Please, someone help me with my fatness. I am

clearly a failure...”

This is an incredibly vulnerable place to be: fat,

desperate, and looking for help.

And the diet industry loves that! Because when you

are desperate, you don’t think logically:

“I am going on a diet Monday. It is a brand new diet

developed by a popular company with mega-celebrity

spokespeople and it takes all the guesswork out of what I

should eat. It tells me exactly what to do and when.

They deliver food to my door and, yes, I know it is kind

of expensive, but I don’t have to go to the grocery store

and walk by all the other food. All I have to do is stick

with it. And then I will get thin…”

Dieters: I love you. You are so optimistic and strong.

But stick with me and I will show you how your good

intentions and strength are being wasted on a formula


I am not telling you to be fat for the rest of your life. I

am trying to show you the way to achieve your dream of

being your ideal weight.

This book isn’t for everyone:

-If you want to drop weight quickly, for a

specific event, this book isn’t for you.


-If you enjoy having so-called “experts”

orchestrate every bite you eat, and every moment

you exercise, this book isn’t for you.

-If you still have yourself convinced that the meal

replacement shake you eat for lunch is just as

good as a meal, this book isn’t for you.

-If you want to read (yet another) book by an

acclaimed national expert, this book isn’t for you.

-If you don’t mind dieting for the rest of your

life, this book isn’t for you.

However, if you are mentally healthy, successful in

many areas of your life, and just haven’t figured out why

you can’t control your weight, I think I can help you.

I am glad you are still reading—

I have read more diet books than I care to mention, and

I dieted for 20 years of my life. In addition, I worked as

a manager for a Nutrisystem franchise, I taught aerobics

and step aerobics for 15 years, and worked as a spinning

instructor and personal trainer as well.

I have met incredibly successful people who look at

me, and because I am “thin,” ask me for advice. They

are impressed by my ability to be thin, because that is

something they have not been able to “achieve.”

I want to explain to them, like I want to explain to you,

that the answers you are looking for are within you.

Stop listening to all the diet gurus and start listening to



But to convince you of the wisdom of this approach

I need more than just a sound byte. I have tried to share

my thoughts at cocktail parties. It doesn’t work.

But I think I can do it in a book.

This book is written out of love and empathy for my

fellow dieters who have sacrificed so much in an effort

to be thin. You have missed parties, forgone birthday

cake, eaten freeze-dried food, and denied yourself the

foods you love. You have felt weak with hunger before

an important meeting at work, you have starved yourself

for a week to fit into a dress, and you have overexercised

and under-eaten to get ready for summer


And yet here you are, trying to figure out what new

approach you can try now, to lose weight. What is the

latest, greatest diet plan that you can begin tomorrow?

And what program will you start in earnest on Monday,

only to find out, in a couple of years, that the diet

actually wasn’t so healthful for you after all? Atkins is

good. Atkins is bad. Oops no, Atkins is good. Don’t eat

meat. Eat lots of meat. Don’t eat fat. Eat fat, but no

carbs. It's like rolling the diet dice. And it's all a bunch

of – you know what.

I am hopeful that if you are frustrated enough with

diets to begin this book, then you are ready to take an

honest look at food, and what dieting has done to your

relationship with food. [Hint: it has completely distorted


And that is the perspective that will change your life.


But, again, this is more than I can explain at a

cocktail party. So I wrote this book.

I know I am not the first person to realize that diets

make you fat. A turning point for me was when I heard

about a wrestling coach who was trying to beef up his

wrestlers. The accepted way to do this was to put the

kids on a diet because after they lost weight, they always

gained back more! BINGO!

But I do hope that I can communicate better than others

who have written about why diets actually make you fat,

not thin. I know I have to cut through all the thousands

of hours of diet propaganda that you have absorbed.

It is a huge task: But I think I am up for it. And I hope

that you are up for it too.

Please read on …

I want to get up in the morning and eat something I

really like. I want to make exercise pleasant and smart,

not miserable and counter-productive. I want to eat cake

at birthday parties. I want to eat at McDonald’s and

Wendy’s and Arby’s and Subway and at fancy

restaurants, and little dives. I don’t want to carry

dressing in my purse. I want to put real sugar in my

coffee, not some nasty tasting pseudo-sweet chemical


I want to be like my tiny grandmother who ate what she

liked, had a thin body, and lived to be 86.

How about you?

What does this freedom require?

It requires some knowledge, some faith in yourself,

and a long-term perspective, not a quick fix mentality.

If you are still reading, I believe that I can help you.