You need daily reinforcement to get rid of your diet mentality

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Think about this.  What is the one thing that thin people have in common?  Is it how fast or slow they eat?  Is it how much they exercise?  Is it what time of day they eat?  What is it?

The answer is that thin people eat foods they like and they only eat when they are hungry.

I am talking about thin, happy, non food-obsessed people.  (Granted there are miserable thin people who measure every calorie and never enjoy food-  this is not our goal.)

Thin non food-obsessed people  know themselves, what they like, what they don’t like.  They like only the tops of muffins, so that is all the eat. Or they love steak and potatoes. Or they love  carrots but not celery.  Whatever.  And since they know that no diet is looming on the horizon, they stay “in the present” when they choose what they are going to eat.

A thin person will look at a buffet table and happily take in all the wonderful choices available and choose exactly what they want, in quantities that they are used to, go back to their table and Enjoy.

A dieter looks at a buffet as an assault to their willpower.  They twirl around the table trying to figure out what they can eat and still be “good.”  Which person would you rather be?

By staying in the present and committing to refusing to diet ever again, you will be surprised at the way your perspective changes.

This is not a license to overeat.  This is a plan to revolutionize how you see food and dieting.   You need to trash your “diet mentality” and replace it by staying in the present when you eat, by eating only when you are truly hungry, and by eating only enough to quiet that hunger.

You are replacing the voice of the Diet Industry with your own body’s voice.  It is talking to you, but you have been trained to ignore it.

This is what Mother Nature intended.  You were meant to be thin.  Your diet mentality has ruined it for you.  You can change.

Stick with me.  It is a slow process and takes strength and commitment.  But the pay off is freedom from dieting and a thin body.  Well worth it, I am sure you agree.

By the way, on the news this morning there was talk of a new diet in Sweden that recommends eating tons of butter and few carbs.  Come on now!  Just another in the line of ridiculous diets.  Are you really going to fall prey to this kind of thing again?

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Meg Meranus
Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don’t work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter.