To Eat or Not to Eat

risk-appetiteWhen you want something to eat and you are not hungry, you have two choices.  Eat it or don’t eat it.  Right?

As you consider this choice, remember the power of building a good habit.  Every time you wait for a hunger “opportunity” to eat, you are strengthening a habit that builds your thin mentality.  Every time you eat without respect to hunger, you weaken it.

And remind yourself that you are not suffering!   You are not denying yourself food.  You are simply delaying it.  And the pleasure of eating food when hungry (not just bored) is so much more intense.

Give yourself a chance to work up an appetite.  And then, really consider what it is you want. That chocolate you thought about this morning, may or may not be what you end up wanting when you are actually hungry.  And either way, it is fine.  Eating when you are hungry will never make you fat.

Remember, eat enough to stop the hunger, not enough to prevent future hunger.

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Meg Meranus
Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don’t work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter.