Thin Mentality Quiz Answers Explained

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The first question of the thin mentality quiz that I put out Wednesday Aug 21 2014 was:

As a thin mentality person you wait until you are really, really hungry, and you can’t think of anything else before you eat.  True or False

The correct answer was false.

If you are wondering why, let me explain:

The fundamental premise of living with a thin mentality is using common sense.  It is NOT common sense to let yourself get miserably hungry.  (And I feel I have to interject here that we need to remember how lucky we are that food is abundant.  It is not a “curse” as some diets would make you believe, it is a gift)

So why isn’t it wise to let yourself get so hungry you can’t think of anything else?  Because if you get to that point, which I call stage 3 hunger, you are no longer in the happy zone where you can calmly enjoy some food that you are craving.  You feel desperate and you end up behaving desperately.  You just grab any old stale cracker, you throw back some chips that you don’t even like.  Your eating experience isn’t pleasant.  Yes you are over hungry.

Stage two is the stage to eat.  The markers of this stage:

1.  You start to have some specific thoughts about what would be good to eat,

2.  When you think of eating you salivate

3.  You are distracted from your day by your hunger.

But remember we all must take the time and effort to learn about our hunger and how it manifests.  Remember, we are all different, so this will vary too.   These are mine.

But the idea here is your thin mentality is about taking care of your hunger happily, and with an eye toward joy and satisfaction, not deprivation and angst.  And of course, when hunger is calm and quiet, stop eating.  Why?  because feeding yourself beyond hunger is a huge betrayal of your body’s voice.  Don’t do that to yourself.  The reward?  A body that you love, and a joyful relationship with food.

It would seem so odd to our ancestors that we make such a misery out of eating.  Well I did!  Do you?  I used to lament over choices and buy foods I didn’t love so I wouldn’t over eat and sometimes eat something because I knew the calories and I could track my day better-  what craziness!

14 years into my Thin Mentality and I desperately want to share this focus with you.  I know how much misery a diet mentality yields.  You can get your thin mentality back, the normal healthy attitude toward food that you were born with.  Yes You CAn  You just need a cheerleader.  And I am here.

Get normal!  Get healthy- and I am talking mentally too-  think how much food stress impacts your mental health- ugh!!

The next question on the quiz will be explained tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend.

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Meg Meranus
Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don’t work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter.