Take The Pledge

Please print this, and sign it and hang it on the mirror where you brush your teeth.

I have reviewed the evidence and have come to the only possible rational conclusion:

Dieting is not the way to thinness. Dieting is the way to more dieting.

I promise my body that I will never diet again. When I see or hear a diet ad I will repeat to myself,

“The diet industry promotes dieting as a way of life in order to keep me buying their products. I will no longer subsidize this industry.”

I will reconnect hunger with eating, and normalize my relationship with food.

By doing this I will discover the joy of eating what I crave when I am hungry. I will also discover that while eating when hungry is fantastic, eating without hunger disrespects my body. I will learn to delay, not deny, eating until I am hungry again.

I will actively reinforce this commitment everyday by reading this statement, reading helpful information and/or connecting with other ex-dieters.

This is how I will get to my ideal weight and have a happy, healthy relationship with food.




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