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Do You Water Your Flowers when it is Raining?

Watering the flowers in the rain.

Watering the flowers in the rain.

Bring this analogy to mind whenever you are eating without hunger.

Imagine it is raining outside and then picture yourself standing there, with a hose, watering your flowers.  Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

It is just as ridiculous to eat without hunger as it is to water flowers in the rain.

But over and over again, we have been told to ignore the “weather,”  (your hunger, your lack of hunger)  and water your flowers (eat) based on some schedule instead of your actual needs.

I know, I know, you think you don’t know your needs.  Stop.

When you start paying attention to the weather- (again, your hunger,) you will start to notice it.  Remember, you are used to ignoring your body.  You keep your head down and eat because some celebrity told you to, or not to, and you eat what you eat because it is the “healthy, magic” food of the year.

But your amazingly resilient body is just waiting for you to start listening again.  You will do return to your ideal weight doing things such as:

  • Sit at dinner and not eat because you aren’t hungry.
  • Eat a cookie in front of everyone because you are hungry for a sweet.
  • Eat salad for breakfast because you wanted it.
  • Eat waffles for dinner because you felt like it.

NO food rules, no deprivation, no struggle.

Hungry? Eat.  What do you eat?

Use your common sense and eat food that makes you feel good.  If you love spicy food but it makes you feel sick, do you eat it? Duh! No.  If you eat chocolate and it makes your pms go away should you eat it when you are hungry for it?  Yes.  If you drink milk and it upsets your stomach should you drink it? No!  If you love bread pudding but you feel tired and sleepy after you eat it should you eat it?  Duh!!!  NO.  If you eat a kale salad with salmon and you feel great for hours afterwards should you eat it? Well, what do you think?

People, use your common sensed and stop paying for food advice.

Not hungry?  Stop watering your flowers in the rain.



Graph Shows WW Earnings, But looks like Weight Loss Ups and Downs to Me!


Oh the irony…  Weight Watchers earnings looks just like most people’s diet history.  Up and down and up…

But you think Weight Watchers works?  Well, if it does, why are you still counting points?

When you started on Weight Watchers, was your goal to count points for the rest of your life, or to be a healthy, happy, non-obsessed person in your ideal weight range?

When you  count points you:

  • stay over-focused on food
  • disconnect eating from hunger
  • disrespect your body’s voice
  • eat as if every day is virtually the same.


It does not have to be this way!

Reconnect eating with hunger and you will start making your transition to a healthy Thin Mentality.  Start listening to your body.  Start noticing how food tastes when you are hungry, and how food tastes when you are not hungry -and you eat anyway…

And, if you can’t decide what to eat, consider that you may not be hungry!  Why?  Because when you are hungry, it is easy to decide what to eat.

But don’t be worried!   I am not suggesting that you deny yourself food.  I am suggesting that you delay eating until you are hungry so you can fully enjoy your food.

These are just a couple of the ideas you must embrace to build your healthy Thin Mentality AND be in your ideal weight range, instead of drearily counting points for the rest of your life.

Your healthy Thin Mentality will make you feel strong, confident, happy around food.  Instead of fearing parties where food is abundant and wonderful, you will look forward to them.  Instead of having a sinking pit in your stomach when you weigh yourself, you will skip the scale knowing that what your weight is not relevant to what you are going to eat today.  The only relevant question is:  Are you hungry.

I am not saying your weight is irrelevant to you.

I am simply saying that your weight should not change what you eat today.  Your only “job” is to eat in response to one question: am I hungry?

No points, no calories, no magic combinations.  Just you, eating the food you crave when you are hungry, and delaying eating any more until your hunger returns.  Which it will.  And then, enjoy.

And yes, you will crave nutritious food, give yourself a chance.