Are you Scared of Carbs? Like Bagels?

Here is my response to a Healthy Thin Mentality Newbie who ate a bagel to be polite at her friend’s house:

Bagels are a BEAUTIFUL food- when you are hungry. They are chewy and made of all varieties and are so delicious with cream cheese and lox or peanut butter or butter or tuna fish – I could go on and on- they are NOT poison! Your body needs carbs to survive.  
The diet industry has made a ton of money making you believe that if you eat such a ghastly food- a bagel!!- you are on your way to obesity-! So so sad!!  They DEMONIZE food so you will think you need advice on how to avoid it…
So If you crave a bagel, at a friend’s house or wherever,  wait for hunger and enjoy – If they are not something you enjoy, then eat something else.
And yes if you don’t crave one, but  you are a guest at someone’s house,  use common sense so you don’t “insult” your hostess.   I sometimes take a few bites of something to please my hostess- yes I do. That is the price you pay for not being rude sometimes…
I don’t like this but I do it. On the bright side, for the great majority of my life- 99%- I don’t have to please anyone but myself. And also- you can mush food around and make it look like you ate some- And yes, this is wasteful but I am giving you advice for the situation you described and this is the least “bad” choice.
But if you feel strong and want to say- “wow that looks wonderful but I am not hungry right now,” then say that- But from my experience- people still get offended- which is difficult to handle sometimes- esp if you are young….  
So hang in there knowing that your healthy thin mentality is there for you, but sometimes in life, we make lil “sacrifices” to be a good friend, or polite. And that is FINE. Love and hugs to you- don’t worry and don’t be too hard on yourself!! this is a big change you are undergoing – You will be so glad when you are an older lady 🙂

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Meg Meranus
Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don’t work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter.