Low Calorie Food Does Not Fool Your Body!

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So your doctor or nutritionist tells you to eat the low calorie substitute whenever possible!  Oh really?

Do you think that your body is fooled by that?  Your body knows exactly what you ate!  It is digesting it.  And if you eat less calories, your body reacts accordingly, with less satisfaction, and more hunger later.

Why would you do that to yourself?  Why would denying your body the full fat yogurt it craved and providing it with a low fat, less satisfying and more “chemically” artificially sweetened yogurt be good?

Well if you are “dieting” then you are obeying the diet rule by eating the low calorie option.  But remember what that diet is teaching your body.  It is teaching your body that it will not be provided with the food it craves when you are hungry. You are not trusting your body’s hunger, cravings and satiety signals.  In turn, your body will not trust your brain.  And to fight back, as soon as you “slip” off your diet, your body will roar like an angry tiger to get you to EAT.  And Eat you will.

I know you have been there after a diet where you were so good for so long.  And then one day you slip and you stuff yourself full of food you don’t even like.  Why do you think that happens?  It is your body’s reaction to your complete defiance of your instinct to eat!

How do you get thin listening to your body?  Well how do you get thin fighting your body all the time!!

Make peace with your biological instincts of what to eat and when.  And refuse to eat for any other reason than true hunger.

Stay in the moment!!  Do not eat based on tomorrow’s meal plan or what you ate this morning or what exercise you will do later.

Eat exactly what you crave- yes CRAVE! not a bad word- Cravings are a gift!

And then STOP when you aren’t hungry.  Which, if you are listening to your body, doesn’t take that long to achieve.

But when you know that whenever you are hungry you can eat what you want, the joy of overeating is non existent.  Eating when you are hungry is amazing.  Shoving down more food than your body is asking for is just a habit.  And that habit can be broken.

And when you replace that habit by eating what YOU LOVE when you are hungry, you will be happy to stop eating for any other reason.

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Meg Meranus
Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don’t work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter.