You are not the problem. Dieting is.

It cripples you, sucks the joy out of living, and keeps you heavy.

My goal is to help you:

  1. Understand that dieting backfires on you
  2. Replace your diet mentality with a healthy thin mentality
  3. Have permanent weight loss

Take the pledge to stop dieting. That is where your healthy thin mentality begins.

Take the Pledge

I know you are nervous. You need convincing because you are a hardened dieter. That is normal. Just start by connecting with our community in as many ways as possible. Do some investigating. I have assembled a lot of links to research and written many, many blogs, FaceBook posts, tweets and a book to explain why diets don’t work. I also have a list of books by other authors who have a similar message.

This first step is critically important. If you have any doubt that diets are a problem, not a solution, you will hang onto the notion, “If this doesn’t work, I will try another diet.”

Having that “out” will interfere with your ability to develop your own thin mentality.

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Follow these simple steps and start living with the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted!

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What Others Are Saying

Kelly Trowel

"I read Meg's book in a matter of days, once I started I couldn't stop. As I read the book I felt comforted knowing that Meg really understands the complicated mentality of a chronic dieter."

Lynn Schuholz

"Everyone who has ever dieted should read Meg’s book. It makes so much sense and has helped me to understand why dieting doesn’t work."

Karen Hanson

"I have dieted my whole life. I wish that I had figured this out earlier. I am so much happier without worrying about food and my weight all the time."

Books & Things

diets are fattening book cover

Diets Are Fattening

The more we spend on diets the fatter we become. Perhaps diets don't make us thin - perhaps they make us fat! How can the diet industry be held responsible for the increase in obesity? This book will show you.

Buy Now For $16.00
new diets are fattening book cover

So how do I lose weight?

Let me guide you through the first 12 weeks of your healthy Thin Mentality.
I share the same information, techniques, and exercises that I used to make my own transition to a healthy Thin Mentality 15 years ago.

Buy Now For $16.00