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    Do you remember the first diet you went on? How much did you weigh? How much do you weigh now?

    The first time I really got how damaging dieting is was when I was talking to a wrestling coach. He was talking about he different weight classes for his high school team. He said that if he ever wanted a kid to gain weight, he put him on a diet. He said that everyone knows you always gain back more…

    Interesting… and sad.



    it is sad, I have a wrestling teenager, unfortunately on the ‘other’ end of the spectrum, always trying to ‘cut weight’ and the coaches have given them some RIDICULOUSLY crafty ways to do that, my son binges for 4 days a week, and starves the other 3 leading up to matches.. I hate it, and keep threatening to call the coach.. talk about creating an eating disorder



    Hello. I remember going to Weight Watchers for the first time when I was 8!!!! The year before I got really sick with pneumonia for a month. That is when I gained weight. I struggled after that and was always “chubby”. I can hear my Moms voice saying the statement “You were a skinny kid until you got sick.” I am now 50, my Mother has been deceased for 16 years. The year after my Mom passed, I had bariatric surgery, lost 100 pounds and am not doing a good job of keeping it off right now. I’ve gained just half, and can not get back to losing. I am always on some plan. Usually it is low carb. Scale wont budge at all. When I was going for my surgery the center told it the diets failed ME, but somehow now that I’ve gained back weight it is all my fault. I really want to be free from the craziness!

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    I think I went in the grapefruit diet in the mid 70’s with my mom. I was about 11 years old. I started gaining weight when my parents divorced and my mom and I moved to a part of town where I didn’t have any friends. It was a beach community and all the girls in school seemed thin, did gymnastics and we’re cool (it was 4th grade). I felt so out of place and ate all the time to sooth my unhappiness. I can’t count the number of diets I tried, many with my mom. Ironically we did Weight Watchers together and she was a lifetime member who stayed at goal for about 10 years until she died 2 years ago, but she stressed over every bite and kept her food journal every day. I found dozens of journals in her desk when I cleaned out her things after she died. I wish she had found Meg with me, she would have enjoyed the freedom that I am enjoying. She taught me to fear food, and it’s nice to finally let that go. Thank you Meg!

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