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    I have a bit of a problem. I’m going through finals week and I’m not sure if it’s because of the stress or the long hours put into studying (I have been sleeping so it isn’t fatigue). I have been getting very very hungry, very very often.
    I don’t know how to respond to this hunger because some online articles say that it’s an emotional hunger, but eating feels just as satisfying as it does when I’m eating off my normal hunger.
    My problem is I’m eating a lot more than normal, and much more often.
    Is this considered emotional eating?



    what is normal? what is a “normal amt of food”? defined by who? how do you define hunger? you need to eat when you are hungry but not when you want to eat or you feel like eating. Hunger feels different for different people but invariably you will feel a “space” in your stomach and you may feel lightheaded, etc. Try to eat slowly and take breaks while eating and see if you are full. When you are full put the food away and go back to studying or call a friend or go for a walk… This is what I would do… I hope it helps…



    Hi have little problem of hunger in last week, as i have to work in shift i cant able to have a food in night food but when i reached at hime i dont have any interst to have food cause of ths i face some health problem in last week.
    This is what I would do For Increase hunger?



    i have little problem of hunger in last week



    I think workout really great thing. I started to go to gym several moth ago. And now I can say that it was right conclusion. Now I use also some supplement for clean my body and some weight loss. Also my personal trainer recommend me to drink fresh juices and protein cocktails. So sometimes I put them to the gym on special bottles which I found on and of course do not forget to eat more vegetables and fruits.

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