Food is Not a Reward or Punishment Podcast


Food is a response to hunger.  It isn’t a reward or punishment.   When you are hungry, eat because it is the relevant response.  When you are not hungry, don’t eat because that doesn’t make sense.  When you learn to reconnect hunger and eating and take the reward/punishment mentality out of it, you are on your way…


Your Healthy Thin Mentality Helps PMS too

Desperate housewife.

Yes, PMS used to mess up my eating too.  Just learn what helps you- take care of yourself.  Rigid dieting only makes it worse.  A healthy thin mentality will get you through.  (When you crave some chocolate eat it, with pleasure, not guilt. Your body is smart.  There is research that women really do benefit from chocolate during pms!)


Reacquaint Yourself With Your Body’s Hunger Signals (Yes, you have them)


am i hungry or bored

How can you eat when you are hungry when you don’t know when you are hungry?

I understand.  But believe me, you have hunger and NON hunger signals.  They are just buried under a layer of diet mentality.

Just quiet your brain and start listening to your body.  Your body’s voice may be a whisper now, but it will get louder and louder when you start respecting it.