Holidays Don’t Need To Make You Gain Weight!

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I know that Thanksgiving scares you.   Please insert other holiday for my international friends :).

You are afraid you will stuff yourself…

Perhaps you think this because you use previous holiday eating as an example of how “bad” you are when you give yourself the “green light” to eat what you want.

But even though you said to yourself-  “Eat what you want—which sounds like a thin mentality—it was NOT a thin mentality because your dialogue sounded like this:

“I am so tired of dieting and here comes Thanksgiving, and my family is all going to be here and I am going to enjoy myself and just eat whatever I want. 

Then, the Monday after Thanksgiving, I will be “really, really good” and diet really,really hard so that I lose weight for Christmas parties. 

And then, I will eat what I want at Christmas and then, starting January 1, I will be really, really, really good and go on a strict diet and get healthy and exercise more…

bla bla bla bla BLEH!

This kind of dialogue is the opposite of a thin mentality—it is a DIET mentality and it is destructive.

When you “binge” eat during the holidays and rationalize it by promising that you are going to go on a diet later, you are training yourself to disconnect from normal hunger and satiety cues.

You alternate hoarding food with starving yourself.  Does that sound smart?

Build your thin mentality and you will never fear holiday eating again.

With a thin mentality, everyday is Thanksgiving.  Everyday there is delicious food.   Everyday you have wonderful choices.  Everyday you enjoy eating what you love.

So don’t use past holiday eating as a way to tell yourself that you can’t be trusted eating the food you crave.  That is not representative of how a true commitment to a thin mentality would work for you.

I promise that you will find more joy and pleasure from eating one delicious plate of Thanksgiving food, than you used to when you succumbed to a binge, and ate four helpings. You felt bad, even as you were eating!  Don’t do that to yourself!!

Stick with this blog over the holidays to keep connected with building your thin mentality.


Recognizing True Hunger

Yes, there is an adjustment period as you learn to leave your diet mentality behind.  You aren’t used to listening for hunger.

In this preliminary stage, stay calm, slow down a bit and actively listen.  If you decide to eat for reasons other than hunger, at least own that.  Then, see if eating that actually made anything better.  And then, next time, try delaying for 10 minutes.  See how you feel. Delay for 20 minutes.  See how you feel.

And what you will realize is that if you can just delay long enough, you will have the far more rewarding experience of actually eating when you are hungry.  There is no better or more enjoyable time to eat.

Remember, you will be hungry several times every day.  That means that another eating experience is right around the corner.   This isn’t denial.  This is delaying until your hunger and your eating match up, as Mother Nature intended.

Dieting has made you think eating with a regimented plan is the way to be good.  NO, that is the way to ignore your own body’s voice.  If you don’t listen to it, who will?  You are it!

Dieting  taught you to eat when you weren’t hungry and to eat foods you don’t love.  And it taught you to not eat when you ARE hungry.  No wonder you don’t know when or how much or what to eat!

Don’t feel guilty about that.  You were trying to do the right thing.  Just take it easy, and start the enjoyable journey back to how you were born.  Eating when you were hungry, spitting it out at your parents when you weren’t, and crying if no one fed you.  Simple. Smart. Harmonious. Responsive.


How Do You Know When You Aren’t Hungry Anymore

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If you have dieted for years and years, of course you have completely lost touch with your hunger signals.

Not only that, once you start eating, you probably don’t know when you have had enough.

The first stage of building your healthy thin mentality is to do a little research on yourself.

Take notice of how much food you eat, and how it makes you feel not only right away, but 20 minutes later.  If you eat fast (as I do)  you may need to learn stop eating when you still think you could eat more because you know, from experience, that if you give your body and brain a chance to connect, your brain will get the signal that you have had enough.

For example, when I first started eating with a healthy thin mentality, I purposefully ate a bit slower until I learned approximately how much food I usually needed to satisfy hunger.  This does NOT mean that I ate out of routine or in an amount that was just a habit.

It means that as I ditched my diet mentality, I paid very close attention to my eating and my hunger and satiety.  This is normal, healthy “getting to know yourself” kind of learning.  We should have all done this when we were younger, but, especially as teenage girls, many of us (most??) were taught to eat according to some plan or prescribed amount of food instead of learning about our own specific unique hunger patterns and taking care of them.

But it isn’t too late!!

Learn from your eating experiences.  For example, I know that I rarely finish an entire restaurant size hamburger.  So, I usually cut it in half right from the start so it is nicer to take home.  But, if I am particularly hungry that day, no problem, no guilt, I would definitely eat it.  It is just, 13 years into my healthy thin mentality, I know myself.  So I can plan ahead a bit, without being caught eating out of routine.

You can get here too.  Again, your first “job” with your thin mentality is to re-acquaint yourself with your unique hunger patterns.  We are all different so our hunger will be different too.  Our food requirements will differ too.  Don’t let others’ choices determine yours.

Stay in touch with YOU.  You are the only one who can do this, right?  So if you don’t, then your unappreciated body will go to waste…