How Do You Know Your Body Needs Food

When you just starting to build- or should I say, “uncover” your healthy thin mentality your body may need patience as you learn what hunger feels like.

Of course you are new at this and your body is confused.

Your best tool is to stay in the present. Calmy- Am I hungry- not sure? Try a bit? Feel better? sometimes that just desire to eat IS hunger- Hunger is expressed in many ways with all of your senses Just as when you are attracted to another human- there could be many signs.

This is not weird of revolutionary.  Mother Nature was going to make sure that we eat- so we survive.  I used to ignore cues that I thought were not hunger. Now I know if I can’t get my mind off of food, I am indeed hungry, even if my stomach isn’t growling.

If you eat and your tastebuds are happy, happy- you were hungry- The way to lose weight with your healthy thin mentality is to DELAY eating more when that hunger stops signaling you to eat. You must pay attention to this and say- Could I be done? Could this be enough? Do I need more to calm hunger- YOU CAN DO THIS Give you self a chance!!


Wise New Year Thought For 2017 and You & Eating

One of the very best differences between a diet mentality and a healthy thin mentality is that your healthy thin mentality gets easier over time.
When I dieted, I always felt like I was on a tightrope, and at some point, either I, or the tightrope, would snap and I would fall fall, fall. Or, like a rubber band was being stretched, and at some point it would snap back.
But the habits and practices of your healthy thin mentality, such as not weighing yourself, or matching eating with hunger, get EASIER. So instead of “using up” your “discipline” or “willpower,” like when you diet, you are building yourself stronger and stronger.
And you know what?  Unlike the diet industry, I don’t want you to need me or any food or eating advice, eventually.
Food and eating and your weight will become an easy and joyful part of life.   And at some point, you will not need to reinforce your healthy thin mentality.
It will be there for you for the rest of your life.
The diet industry wants you to need them… for life. Oh my how sad.  (For more on how true this is, follow this link:
My best to you in 2017- Peace and Love- Meg

Thanksgiving Without Regrets


AHHHHHH!!   Doesn’t Have To be This Way


9 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving, including pie!!  without overeating and without gaining weight

  1. Read a blog or part of my books or workbooks to strengthen your commitment eating when hungry, and not eating when not hungry
  2. Make no judgments on what anyone else is eating.  It is not your business.
  3. If someone judges what you are eating, dismiss their comments from your mind- don’t argue.
  4. Eat the foods you like the best first.
  5. As soon as you feel that “push back” from your body that says, “hey I have had enough,” stop eating.
  6. When you feel disappointed that you didn’t eat as much food as you usually do, remember this important clarification:  You can eat it all, just not all at once.  Maybe an hour later you are hungry again-Eat!  Maybe you have a wonderful breakfast of leftovers.
  7. Understand that love expressed through food is lovely.  So when someone pressures you to try there creation, all you need is to take a taste and really cherish it and tell them how are going to package it up so carefully so you can enjoy all week.
  8. If you are new at developing your thin mentality, make sure you give your body time to signal you that you have had enough.  Many healthy thin mentality eaters do eat fast, like me!” but over the years I have become very tuned into what amount of food does it for me so I don’t need to slow down.
  9. If Thanksgiving isn’t tThanksgiving without pumpkin pie, make sure that by dessert-time you still have hunger left, or give yourself a 2-4 hours to have hunger come back, or go ahead and eat it as your first course– if your host wouldn’t be mad!

So just keep theses gentle little thoughts in your head.  You will realize that that sick over full filling is so awful.  Don’t do that to yourself this year.  That success will give you pride and confidence.

16 Years into my Healthy Thin Mentality I promise you Thanksgiving is great, I enjoy food tremendously and I never get that sick over-full feeling.



Lose your Diet Mentality and Thin Happens


Free to enjoy life without food stress

Someone asked me in a FB post a couple of days ago:  “So you think thin is better?”

That requires a longer answer than I could do on FB.

This is what I know:


No matter how much you weigh, dieting hurts you.  So the first thing is to stop dieting.   I care more about this than  being “thin.”


But happily, for me and many of the people who follow me, when you stop dieting, your body is able to lead you to your ideal weight range.

It is the ultimate irony.


So it is not so much that I think “thin” (and I mean healthy thin) is better, it is simply that when you have a healthy thin mentality, instead of a diet mentality, Thin Happens!  So I advise that your goal is not to be thin, it is to build a healthy, happy relationship with food, and you will be delighted with the result.

These are things that I never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, ever thought I would do, when I was a dieter, that I do now with a Healthy Thin Mentality:

  • Suddenly realize I didn’t eat anything for lunch
  • Go to dinner and not order because I wasn’t hungry
  • Eat cake for breakfast and not feel guilty
  • Choose a kale salad because I really wanted it
  • Eat salad without dressing because I just really wanted to taste the vegetables
  • Eat chicken in the middle of the night because I woke up hungry
  • Eat just the top of a donut
  • Never ever weigh myself except when I go to the doctor
  • Everything is my closet- even really old stuff, fits
  • Exercise because I want to
  • Skip exercise because my body told me I was too tired

There are so many more.  Please join me in this life where your time and energy are spent on love, good work, and an appreciation of the simple and joyful pleasure of living.  Everything isn’t perfect.  But no matter what is going on in your life, a calm and happy relationship with food, eating and your body nurtures you.

For years, dieting robbed me of this because it made me disrespect the wisdom, instincts and beauty of my body so completely.

I am begging you, my friends, to understand this.  Because I wish someone had explained this to me, when I was a young woman.  Whew-  I am glad I figured it out, though!  Cheers!


I Hope This Email Reprint Helps You

With permission from the author, I am sharing this email with you.  This genuine and heart felt email reflects the freedom and happiness developing a thin mentality brings to your life.

Hi Meg
Your book is amazing! I found myself laughing out loud a lot because I could relate to so many things! I think I’ve made the new years resolution every year for the past 10 that this will be my year!! This will be the year I lose the weight, haha. The the following Christmas I always find myself fatter than I started having tried 6 different fad diets that year, depressed and stuffing my face knowing that “next year I’ll really try, next year will be my year, I’ll start in January and this time I’ll have more willpower!” and so the cycle has continued!! 

What I also loved was your take on exercise! Now I enjoy exercise but I have always used it as a means to lose weight and I would only ever do the hardest thing I could find, I kick-boxed for years I used to dread going but I knew it would be a grueling workout (and I did always feel better after), I would get out of at 6am to a punishing boot camp convinced that I had to push myself as hard as possible to lose weight. Consequently my exercise, like my diet has been a yo-yo because i could never keep up with the demands I put on myself, I’d hammer it for 2/3 months then cave and not do anything for 1/2 months!! I started Zumba last year and I loved it!!!! I would get excited before the class, I loved been there, I would lose myself during the class in all the fun of the dancing and music and I’d be disappointed when it finished because it went over to fast!! But I stopped going because I didn’t think it was hard enough, it wasn’t punishment and I had convinced myself that in order to have any benefits you shouldn’t be able to move after a workout and should hurt for 3 days after it! How sad is that! I stopped something I loved to go back to my yo-yo exercise of punishment or nothing! Well no more! I went back to Zumba this week and I tried Bokwa and I loved it! The excitement came back and I don’t care that I wasn’t in pain the next day at the end of the day I enjoyed myself surely that’s what life’s all about. 

Thanks Meg, I’ll treasure the book I really will, I’ll read it again soon just to reinforce everything as I continue on my journey. I’m so grateful I found your site and I love your blog. 

I’m so happy, I’m not perfect at it yet, I think I’ve cracked the hunger thing. I now only eat when I’m hungry, I look forward to waiting until I’m hungry because I can only enjoy food now when I’m hungry it tastes so much better. The stopping when I’m satisfied is taking a bit longer to crack, I’m almost there I think and 80% of the time I manage it but I do still occasionally eat more, nothing like I used to mind I don’t “over eat” until I’m feeling sick anymore but I sometimes finish and think “I didnt need them last 3 bites” or “I didn’t need that chocolate” it’s usually when I’m eating with other people. The good thing is I’m aware of it when I’ve done it and I also HATE the feeling of been full, I hate it! It’s so uncomfortable I like to feel “normal” like a neutral feeling. So I’m getting there with that. It’s fun though, nothing’s a chore and I’m getting on with life once and for all. 

Thanks for listening to me, I’m sorry I bombard you with emails it’s just nice to talk to someone that understands what I’m saying. I think some of my friends and family think I’m on some new fad of mine that I’m going stop anytime soon do I try not to talk about it to them to much. Everyone’s commenting on how happy I seem and putting it down to my wedding and it is but it’s more to the fact that I feel free and I know now I’ll enjoy my wedding fully, I’ll enjoy the holiday and I don’t have the fear of gaining weight before it, during it or after it!! Ah I’m so happy.


You Can’t Believe You Ate The Whole Thing!



You find yourself eating something in a quantity that you can’t believe is okay.  And, to top it off, the food you are eating is “bad.”

Then, after you have eaten it, whatever it is,  you feel bad because you can’t believe your body would ask for it.

Well, my body asks for non-nutritious food sometimes- and it doesn’t worry or frighten me anymore.  Here’s why:
Example 1:   If I eat something when I am hungry for it and it is truly delicious to me, down to the last bite,  there is no problem.  I just move on with my day.
Example 2:   If I eat something because “I might as well finish it because I already blew it”  there IS a problem because:
This kind of rationalization is not part of a healthy Thin Mentality.
I understand how difficult it it is to eat something “bad” and feel “good.”  But remember, my body, and yours, knows exactly how much energy (food) you took in, and will ask for future energy (food) based on that.
Give your smart and fabulous body a chance to show you that if you eat a 1000 calorie sundae in the middle of the day, for example,  you will have much less hunger for the rest of the day.    You must respect that lack of hunger by not eating.  That is the key to eating with freedom, no stress, and pure enjoyment.  You respect hunger AND you respect non-hunger.
And it is the key to returning to your ideal weight.
The biggest change in my eating patterns since going from a diet mentality to a healthy Thin Mentality is that I notice I eat more during the day, and less at night.  That makes so much sense when you think about it.  I used to skimp all day, to try to be “good” and then eat a lot at night.  The daytime skimping wasn’t good and the nighttime eating made me feel awful.
Now with a healthy thin mentality, I don’t skimp in the day.  I eat what I need to stop hunger and to delight my senses.  Then at night, there are times when I eat very little.  Now I know you are saying, “Wow, I could never do that, I love a big dinner etc.”
BELIEVE ME!  I would have said the same thing!!
But everything, and I mean EVERYTHING changes when you stop using a bunch of diet mentality reasons to eat or not eat.  When your body leads you, you NEVER suffer deprivation.  You eat when you are hungry.  You don’t eat when you are not.  And honestly, it is not hard at all to eat very little at night when you get used to hunger being the only reason to eat.
Folks, I used to be a wandering night-time eater, I know what it feels like!  You open cabinets and the fridge in search of “something.”  That goes away!  Your appropriate response to hunger all day calms down your night.  And it is such a relief!
You scratch your arm when it itches.  You don’t when it does not.
You use the bathroom when you need to.  You don’t when you do not.
You sleep when you are tired (hopefully) You don’t when you are not
You stretch your legs when they are cramped up.  You don’t when they are not.
All these normal physical cues are paired with your reaction to them.
Eating is the same way.
Stay in the present, trust yourself even when you feel that diet mentality freaking out, and when you are not hungry, delay eating until you are.  You CAN do this!!

No Such Thing as Spot-Reducing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.50.43 PM

“Ten tips to lose belly fat!”
“Foods that you should avoid to get rid of belly fat!”
“The 10 minute belly fat buster.”

UGH!  These ads pop up everywhere.

Here is the thing-

There is no way to “spot reduce.”

Yet many companies out for a quick buck give you a stream of gimmicky advice on how to get flat abs.

It could be foods to eat or not eat, supplements or specific exercises.  The exercises may make you feel accomplished because you feel sore.  You may even strengthen your core.  And that is fine..

But,  they do not reduce your waist!  If anything, ab work can make your abs stronger, which may mean bigger,  (depending on your body’s tendency to put on muscle) which means your good intentions to get a smaller waist turn into a larger one.

Ah! Do not fall prey to those ab busting myths!

The way to get a smaller waist, or flat abdomen is:

Get to your ideal weight range.

Why?  Because absence of body fat around  your middle allows your ab muscles  to show.  That is what muscle definition is. You don’t need to build abs to see muscle, you need to reduce the fat lying on top of them.

Unless you do surgery or liposuction, which I am not suggesting, the only way to lose belly fat is to lose body fat in general.  And again, I am not pushing you to do this.  I am simply telling you that it is not logical to go on specific abdomen shrinking programs because they do not work.   Again, you can spot build, you cannot spot reduce.

Moral of the story?

Once again, your best bet for a happy, healthy body, and a stress-free relationship with food is to reconnect eating with hunger.

As you return to your ideal weight, your abdomen will become smaller in proportion to the body good ole Mother Nature gave you.  Maybe you have great legs and carry extra in your mid section.  Hey, that is just you and that is fine.  Or maybe your body holds more weight in your legs, and your abs are flatter.  Well that is fine too!  Accept that because you cannot change your body type, like my other most recent blog described.  You can, however, enjoy the full potential of your body by matching eating with hunger.

And there is nothing more attractive than a person who is happy in their own skin, and fully participates in all of life’s pleasures.  Including eating!

And when you connect eating with hunger, you can be your ideal weight, enjoy your body type, and eat foods you love.

Ta Da!  Yes, it really is that simple.




Before and After Pictures are often Faked or Stolen

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.58.57 AM


Images influence us.

And when dieters see before and after pictures, they are desperate to believe them.

So, logic and common sense are dismissed.  The image of a newly thin woman or man is so powerful, that it overshadows memories of losing weight only to gain it back again.  Just like the “orange girls” I use on my Facebook Page, the true after pics are of a person who has gained back the weight they lost, and more.

But did you know that many of the ads that you see steel “before and after” pictures from Facebook?  That is right, people lose weight and post their pictures, only to have some slimy diet company steal those pictures (easy to do) and add their own copy to those photos.

My message here is to BEWARE.

There is no quick fix.  There is no fast way to shed a bunch of weight on a fast diet and the keep that weight off.

But don’t despair.  When you relearn to connect eating with hunger, you won’t care.  You will understand that you have plenty of opportunities to eat every day.  And as long as you can nourish yourself when you are hungry, you are happy, your body calms down and begins to trust you, and you return to your ideal weight range.

This is a major perspective shift, I know.  It doesn’t demonize certain foods, it doesn’t require  a schedule, it doesn’t demand you drink water instead of eating when you are hungry.


Simply eat enough to quiet hunger, and get on with your day.  Over time, this easily becomes second nature, and it is a habit that you can sustain for the rest of your life because it work WITH your biology.  Right?  And fighting you biology is a fight you don’t want to enter.  Work WITH your hunger.  Work WITH your body.

And ignore all the foolish ads for quick fixes you see-  Oh yes, including that new one- GOLO.  It is just a new gimmick.

And to really get disgusted, read this about stealing Facebook images to use in before and after pics




That Thin Feeling…


That feeling you get when you drop a few pounds quickly makes you happy, I know.  You check yourself out in the mirror, notice that your pants are loose and your stomach feels smaller.

How do you feel when you gain it back?  How miserable are you when you reach into your closet and put those pants on and they are now really tight, or you can’t even pull them up?

That is the ying and yang of dieting.

A thin mentality person never gets that empty, newly thin feeling.  Your progress toward your ideal body weight comes at a pace that is not going to freak your body out.  It IS slower than dieting, for absolute sure.  No doubt.

But, like the turtle who wins the race against the rabbit, the thin mentality person “wins.”  Weight loss is permanent, in harmony with your biology.  You work WITH your body.  You don’t fight your instincts anymore.

I have to reiterate, as I do a lot, that working with your biology includes eating when you are hungry and NOT eating when NOT hungry.  Yes, of course that is important.

Eating when you were NOT HUNGRY is what made you fatter than you want to be in the first place!  You did not get heavy eating when you were hungry.

So, if you miss that “Wow, I just dropped 5 pounds this week high” please remind yourself that you won’t miss the “Wow, I gained 7 pounds this week low.”


People!  Slow and steady wins the race.  Happy, thin, relaxed, smart.  That is you as a thin mentality person.  Join me!!