Poor Jessica Simpson

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I just heard that Jessica Simpson has signed a contract to be a celebrity spokesperson for a weight loss company as soon as she had her baby.  Instead of having faith in herself, that she can have her baby and get back to a good weight for her, as a naturally thin person would, she is saddling herself with the misery of a new diet after she delivers.  Honestly, it makes me so sad.

Here she is this successful, strong woman who is going to abdicate all her wishes, desires and preferences to have some “nutritionist” at a profit-driven diet center tell her what to do and when.   She may say to herself, “I need this, I would just stay fat if left on my own.”  Well, actually, I believe that.  She, like many others is so disconnected from her own body that she doesn’t know what to eat or when.

Jessica-  your body will tell you if you just listen!

I know that her weight has gone up and down a bit over the years.  She is, I am guessing, either on a diet or gaining weight.  Like you, perhaps, she has lost the ability to listen to a powerful and really important sense that Mother Nature gave us:   HUNGER.   You never gained a pound by eating when you were truly hungry and stopping before you were over-full.

If you could trust yourself that by eating only the foods you really love in a quantity that satisfied, but didn’t overload your stomach, you would be free.  But you don’t trust yourself.  And clearly, neither does Jessica.  Again how sad that the diet industry has made us feel this way.

The next time you eat a meal, do what a thin person does:

By Behaving Like a Thin Person, You will Become a Thin Person

Today’s example:
A dieter measures their cereal for breakfast.  The dieter then has water, not juice because juice is a lot of calories.  Then the dieter has coffee with skim milk or no milk at all and a pack of artificial sweetener.  At around 10 the dieter is hungry and eats something she doesn’t really love, or is grouchy until lunch.

A “naturally” thin person gets up and considers whether or not she is hungry.  She enjoys her coffee with cream and real sugar, if she wants,  and thinks about what she might like to eat.  She realizes she is actually very thirsty and would so enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  She enjoys it tremendously.  Then she looks at the clock and realizes that she is running late.  She feels good, not hungry, just refreshed from the oj and the delicious coffee and goes to get dressed and get on with her day.   What?  no breakfast??  Well, not this day.  But the thin person knows that if she gets hungry at ten, she will have something.  She isn’t afraid of hunger, or weakness, because she knows that she can eat whenever she is hungry.  She doesn’t do “preventative” eating.  She lives in the moment and enjoys her food way more than the dieter, although she is not over eating.  She trusts herself and doesn’t rely on some stranger to tell her what her body needs on any given morning.  She is listening to her body, so she knows.


Mika Brzezinski Doesn’t Get It

mika_brzezinski-01Mika Brzezinski is a host on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

She is lean, a runner and has a huge diet mentality.

And, ironically, she wrote a book called “Obsessed” about her battle with her weight.

She is a smart, funny woman who has spent time examining this issue, yet she is completely blind to the real problem.

She doesn’t trust herself.

If there is a donut on the set, she freaks out.  She exclaims, “Get those donuts out of here- I can’t eat them I moderation!!”   And, she scolds others who eat what she fears.

Her “good” food/“bad” food perspective runs deep.  She is all for the ban on large servings of soft drinks that Mayor Bloomburg in NYC sponsored.   She mocks fast food and quivers at the mention of a French fry.

Why doesn’t she trust herself?  Where does her severe attitude come from?

She believes that the way she behaves around food when she is off her diet is the way she would behave around food all the time.

But what she needs to understand is that the very diet she thinks is her savior is the practice that is hurting her the most.  Rigid dieting leads to binge eating.  If she would stop dieting, and make a 100% commitment to never dieting again, her true food behavior would emerge.   She would stop fearing food.  She would trust that if she hungered for a donut she could have one and move on with her day.

People!   That diet you went on does a lot more to you than you think.  It completely perverts your relationship with food.  Hunger and the denial of food destroy your healthy, normal relationship with food.  And the more diets you go on, the worse it gets.

You end up with:

An obsession with eating and not eating

A lowered metabolism

Mood swings

A flabbier body because of the yo yo weight loss/gain

And there is a lot of evidence that chronic dieters are anxious and depressed.  Of course they are!  Their poor bodies have been alternately starved or stuffed for years!  (Decades??)

Do not underestimate the impact that dieting has on you, your body, and your life.  Mika is happy to be thin, but she is paying a huge price.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can be thin, and have a great relationship with food and your body.  You can eat what you love and celebrate food instead of fearing it!

Remember, all those diet ads you see, all those “doctors” who promote products and their TV shows are doing so to keep you dieting and believing you need a bunch of “products” to avoid fatness.

Follow the money!!

The most powerful documentary I have seen on this subject can be found on YouTube- It is a BBC piece- four one hour parts.-  “The Men Who Made us Thin.”

Here is a link to the first one-

Build your thin mentality and leave your obsessive, damaging diet mentality behind…


Not Losing Fast Enough?


What happens when you understand the wisdom of a thin mentality, but you aren’t losing weight fast enough?

I understand your frustration.

But you didn’t gain the weight overnight, and you will not lose it overnight.  If you do lose weight fast, you will gain it back-fast too.-  Your powerful body is programmed to survive and if you starve it, it will send you massive eating signals that will cause you to regain all of your weight and then some.

I always remind you to look at your own personal history, or people you know, to see how true this is.

So as you build your thin mentality, you will have to make peace with slow weight loss.

But think about it.  If you lose a pound a week, (if you are very heavy, it could be more) and it is permanent and doesn’t require skipping parties, or buying special foods, or abstaining from the meals you love, the time goes quickly.  You aren’t suffering on a diet.  You are making a permanent change that will last for the rest of your life.

And that is way better than losing thirty pounds in two months and gaining it back in one-  Yea it was quick, but gaining weight back is the WORST!

Having said all of this, here are a few things to think about to make sure you are using your thin mentality:

-As you eat, check in with your hunger level often, “How am I feeling, Could I be done? Do I need more?  Does the food still taste amazing?  Are my taste buds still singing?

– Remind yourself, “I can stop eating, and if I find distracted by food and the thought of eating more, I can always eat again.”   Or, “ Yes I love this food so much and I want to have it all, and I can, just not all at once-  I will save it for later!”

-Prepare for those times when you need a little something to eat, but don’t have time for a big meal, or for those times when you stopped eating too soon.  Having a little snack, something you usually like (for me it is peanuts) in your pocket or purse gives you the confidence to stop eating at a meal because you know if you get hungry, you have a little something with you.

-Take notice of your hunger rhythms and learn from it!  Learn about yourself so that you can take care of yourself appropriately.  For example:  If you notice it takes your stomach a few minutes “tell” you that you have had enough, remember that!  Perhaps take a little break and give your body a chance to tell you that you are satisfied.

Living your life with a healthy thin mentality will bring you weight loss, peace, improved self-esteem and respect for your body.  It will free you from obsessive thoughts about what to eat, who much you weigh, how much weight you can lose by this party, this summer this whatever!  The war is over.