Graph Shows WW Earnings, But looks like Weight Loss Ups and Downs to Me!


Oh the irony…  Weight Watchers earnings looks just like most people’s diet history.  Up and down and up…

But you think Weight Watchers works?  Well, if it does, why are you still counting points?

When you started on Weight Watchers, was your goal to count points for the rest of your life, or to be a healthy, happy, non-obsessed person in your ideal weight range?

When you  count points you:

  • stay over-focused on food
  • disconnect eating from hunger
  • disrespect your body’s voice
  • eat as if every day is virtually the same.


It does not have to be this way!

Reconnect eating with hunger and you will start making your transition to a healthy Thin Mentality.  Start listening to your body.  Start noticing how food tastes when you are hungry, and how food tastes when you are not hungry -and you eat anyway…

And, if you can’t decide what to eat, consider that you may not be hungry!  Why?  Because when you are hungry, it is easy to decide what to eat.

But don’t be worried!   I am not suggesting that you deny yourself food.  I am suggesting that you delay eating until you are hungry so you can fully enjoy your food.

These are just a couple of the ideas you must embrace to build your healthy Thin Mentality AND be in your ideal weight range, instead of drearily counting points for the rest of your life.

Your healthy Thin Mentality will make you feel strong, confident, happy around food.  Instead of fearing parties where food is abundant and wonderful, you will look forward to them.  Instead of having a sinking pit in your stomach when you weigh yourself, you will skip the scale knowing that what your weight is not relevant to what you are going to eat today.  The only relevant question is:  Are you hungry.

I am not saying your weight is irrelevant to you.

I am simply saying that your weight should not change what you eat today.  Your only “job” is to eat in response to one question: am I hungry?

No points, no calories, no magic combinations.  Just you, eating the food you crave when you are hungry, and delaying eating any more until your hunger returns.  Which it will.  And then, enjoy.

And yes, you will crave nutritious food, give yourself a chance.





Up and Down Dieting, Not What You Want…


Jenny Craig has hired Kirstie Alley again…  Oprah has bought a share of Weight Watchers and is now their spokesperson.

Do you realize what the message is?


Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig want their brand represented

by women who are famous for their up and down weight loss and gain.  


Did you get that?

How can we be surprised, angry or feel bamboozled by an industry that is so very clear in its message?

Go on our diet, and just like these famous celebs, you will go up and down the scale for decades.

Are we that star-struck that we don’t even notice that their weight loss only lasts as long as the photoshoot?  Google Valerie Bertinelli, Jessica Simpson, Carnie Wilson etc., etc., and you will see the whole picture.  And men are in this mix as well.  Terry Bradshaw is looking heavy again, at least in the last pic I saw.

I am NOT shaming these people.  I have so much empathy for these celebrities whose livelihood depends on their appearance.  I am trying to help YOU see the reality here, and not be swayed by a picture that is a “snap shot” of their lives, and not the whole story.

Connect the dots:  diets do not work.

Then, connect hunger with eating.  Build your healthy Thin Mentality.

(New Workbook available Jan 26, 2016 on this website- First 12 Weeks of your Healthy Thin Mentality)


We Are All Different, Only A Thin Mentality Respects That

quote-we-don-t-need-sugar-to-live-and-we-don-t-need-it-as-a-society-mehmet-oz-140657I watch Dr. Oz to get fired up about how ridiculous food rules are.  He is always trying to get rid of some food that I enjoy.  Like sugar or bread…

He was interviewing a doctor who wrote a book saying that American wheat is poison.  (This is a topic for another day.)

To prove his point, he had 5 women eat some whole wheat bread one day and the next day they ate a candy bar.  They measured spikes in blood sugar after each.

So interesting…   Dr. Oz, is ALWAYS saying how simple carbs (like in candy bars) spike your blood sugar.  I would have thought he  would have based this on some kind of evidence.

Instead, he said that he didn’t think anyone had ever done this simple experiment before.  WHAT??  He constantly pushes whole grains to keep your blood sugar steadier, yet he never had any scientific proof of that???  Maddening!

The results showed that in 2 or 3  (sorry can’t remember) of these women, the whole grain bread spiked their blood sugar more than the candy bar!

I was not surprised.  Do you know why?  Because that is how it is for me.  I can feel it.  (Because I am paying attention to my body.)

What conclusions can we draw from this?

That food rules are irrelevant because they assume that there are minimal differences in:

1.  What kind of food individuals might require
2.  How much food individuals require
3.  How individuals metabolize that food.

Da da da…. we are different!

There is even a lot of variability within a person.   Some days you need more protein, some days more carbs, some days it is fat.  Whatever!

So why do we go on diets or pay attention to “experts” like Dr. Oz who advocate magic formulas that don’t respect these differences?

Some people need more food than others.  Some need more protein.  Some need more fat.  It is just the way it is.  You all know someone who can eat more and not gain.  Well, some people are tall and some are short.  What are you going to do about it?

You aren’t going to do anything about it.  You are going to say to yourself, “I have this body.  It requires a certain amount of food.  Maybe less than my friend, maybe more than my sister.  Whatever.  I am going to listen to my unique body to know what to eat and when.  And I am not going to pout because my friend gets to eat 200 calories a day more than me.  I have prettier feet.  So what…”  🙂

People!!! It is the money!!

If they don’t come up with “new” ideas, they don’t have a TV show.

And we are like sheep, following and paying.  Ugh Ugh Ugh

There is one truth that you can rely on.  Whatever created us took into account that we needed to have signals to know what to eat and when.  Otherwise, we would eat rubber and food  that had spoiled, or never eat, or eat too much.  We were given “senses” to guide us.

And we have thrown them in the trash and tuned into the “handsome” doctor instead!

And his pockets, and the network, and the pine nut, ginseng companies are all enjoying our money.  Meanwhile, we are NOT enjoying our lives as much as we could be because we are obsessed with our weight and eating.

And that obsession, instead of making you thin, is making you fatter.

You know it.  Your efforts bring you nothing but short term success or up and down weight control at best.

Eat in harmony with your body.  It is delightful.


Feeling Fat Makes Your Desperate- Don’t Lose Your Common Sense

mich bloated sac

There you are, feeling fat.   You had lost weight, but over Thanksgiving you lost control.  The pumpkin pie was fabulous.  You remember feeling full and asking for more food anyway.   And now you feel awful.  You try to estimate how long it will take you to make up for all the eating you did over the holiday.

You feel desperate.  Then you look through some magazines and see some celebrities saying how they lost weight doing this or that- (Have you seen the crazy Instagram shots of people “waist” training?)

And you let those pictures effect you.  You think maybe you just need to find the right diet and you will be okay.  You consider drinking detox tea every day like that Jenner girl.  Or you decide that you will just go on Nutrisystem one more time.

AH!  Stop letting glamorized stories of dieting influence you!  You have dieted before- you always gain the weight back.  Insanity is repeating an action and expecting a different consequence, right?  Don’t be “insane!”

Stop trying to get thin by dieting.  Instead, learn how to get thin and healthy  by developing your thin mentality.  And remember, being a dieter and having a thin mentality are completely different.

And remember these truths:

  • Eating when you are hungry is normal and will not make you fat
  • Eating when you are not hungry no matter how healthy the food is fattening
  • You probably  need less food to calm hunger than you think.
  • You fear being hungry because dieting made you ignore your hunger.
  • When you respect your hunger and non hunger,  you normalize your relationship with food

Feeling desperate because you are unhappy with your weight leaves you vulnerable to ridiculous diet plans and silly celebrities who are paid to promote different ways to “get skinny.”  Don’t fall for it.  Your body doesn’t need a “detox.”  Your body needs you to listen to your hunger and non hunger.



Ridiculous “Expert” Diet Advice

Anderson Cooper had a “diet expert” on his show yesterday, July 18 2012Cooper1.  I mentioned it on Facebook but thought that it could use some more analysis.

The expert was very chatty about the importance of “environmental control” as a way to help lose weight.   Her advice included:

  • Don’t use the kitchen door, use the main door to get in your house, so you think about eating.
  • Paint your kitchen blue because that doesn’t stimulate eating like yellow or red. the colors fast food chains use.
  • Hide the “bad” food in the drawers of your refrigerator.

Do you see what a diet mentality this kind of advice perpetrates?

Instead of eating because you are hungry, you control your  weight by “controlling” your surroundings.  Do you see how “back asswords” this is?

When you develop a thin mentality, you can deal with anything that life throws your way.  You are calm and happy with respect to your body and eating.  You are not a “victim” of circumstance, as this “diet expert” paints us.

You are in charge of you, not the color of your kitchen!  Your body and psyche are in harmony.  You eat because of hunger.  And you enjoy it and look forward to it.

The diet “expert” thinks that this is what will happen:

Oh yes, I will “hide” the food I really want in the drawer of my fridge, and I am so easily fooled that I will forget it is there, and I will eat an apple instead and I will never miss eating that bread.

This is what will really happen:

I know there is some bread and butter in the bottom drawer, and I am really hungry and that is what my body is craving, probably because I worked out yesterday, pretty hard.    But instead, I will eat this apple.  Then, after a few weeks of this, I will go on a binge and eat a whole loaf of bread and a bunch of butter on it.  I won’t enjoy it that much because I will shove it down really quickly and I will feel very guilty.   Then I will wake up the next day feeling really awful and berate myself for eating all that bread.


If you allowed yourself to eat some nice toast with butter when your hungry body was asking for it, you would NOT gain weight, and you would NOT set yourself up for a binge.

You would eat it without judgment.  You wouldn’t eat more than you actually want because you were thinking, “I have blown it, might as well eat more.”  Thin people don’t think that way.

And over time, your body would begin to trust you.  You would listen to your hunger and satiety cues and get really really good at answering your body with the type and amount of food that is appropriate for you at the moment in time.

That is what thin people do.  They don’t hide food!  They look forward to eating it when they are hungry!

Thin people use the kitchen door if they feel like it, knowing that walking through a kitchen is in NO WAY a reason to eat.  There is no fear of the kitchen!  Geez!

And if they want a blue kitchen because they like blue, they paint it blue.  But the idea that you would paint your kitchen a color to control your eating is, to a thin mentality person, (like YOU CAN BE)  utterly idiotic.

Does this make sense to you??

Act like a thin person, and you will become on.  Act like a crazed dieter, and you will be a crazed dieter for the rest of your life.  I am so sad that so many people are crazed dieters.  LIfe is too short and wonderful to do that to yourself…


Why biggest loser is part of the problem


Teasers for the Biggest Loser showed Jillian yelling at people who were on treadmills.  The contestants were getting upset and feeling overwhelmed.  The voice over was all about this drama.

Why?  Because the show wants an audience and this juicy drama brings viewers in.

Remember this!  This is entertainment, not good instruction for getting into shape!

Jumping into incredibly hard workouts while someone is yelling at you is a recipe for… ending up back on the couch!!!

Ugh-  This is such a disservice to people who need to start working out.

Folks, that is NOT how it has to be.  That woman on the treadmill was working really hard just to walk.  She is carrying a lot of extra weight.  I want to tell her good job!!

I would encourage her to make moving her body as pleasant as she possibly could.  If that involved taking a break and regaining her breath, I would say fine!

You know why?

Because in order to make exercise a permanent addition to you life, it is important to make it reasonable.  And someone who hasn’t exercised at all and who is overweight, needs to start slowly and build up stamina and endurance.

Then, you can gradually increase the duration and intensity.

Just like listening to your hunger and satiety teaches you to trust yourself, your body needs you to listen to exhaustion and physical misery too!   That way, when you need to motivate yourself to get moving, your body isn’t sending you big “NO!” signals.

Be kind and respectful of your body, at this moment.  Deal with  your size and physical condition appropriately.  Being unreasonable only leads to ultimate failure.


Dieting Isn’t Glamorous

jennifer-hudson-for-weight-watchers-590bes123110Your diet mentality is reinforced everyday by our culture.  Do not underestimate how many pro-diet messages you receive everyday.

Weight Watchers makes Jennifer Hudson look so glamorous as she is singing away.

I don’t know about you, but I never felt glamorous on a diet.  I felt grumpy.

And after the first few days, when my body adjusted to whatever diet that I was on, I would feel better.  I would be on a diet “high” where this diet was THE ONE.

  •  I would lose weight.
  •  I would go off the diet.
  •  I would gain the weight back.
  •  I went through this cycle so many times.  I am sure that you have too.

It is awful.

Make sure you remind yourself how awful that was.  You need to keep that memory alive as you replace your diet mentality with your thin mentality.

Otherwise, you might bargain with yourself  that you will just go on a diet if this thin mentality thing doesn’t work out.

Stop.  That bargain will keep your diet mentality alive.

Fully commit to giving up dieting.  Eat for one reason only- hunger.  And you will learn that hunger takes different forms.  Having a “taste for something,” can be hunger.  The more you listen to your body and answer the various ways that real hunger expresses itself to you, the better you will get at knowing you are eating for your body, not your brain.


A Showman, Not Your Doctor


Did you know this?

Last week, Capitol Hill Senators grilled the host for some of the weight loss products he has promoted on his talk show. Members of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance particularly took issue with his support of green coffee bean extract as a weight loss product, even though there is little scientific evidence of these pills’ effectiveness. One study even found that the beans caused diabetes symptoms in mice.

“The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of the three products you called ‘miracles,’” said Subcommittee chair Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri). I don’t get why you need to say this stuff when you know it’s not true. When you have this amazing megaphone, why would you cheapen your show? … With power comes a great deal of responsibility.”

Here is why we want to trust him:

  1. Oprah introduced him to us
  2. He has a weekly talk show (so he must be right!????)
  3. He is a doctor so he wants to help us
  4. He doesn’t make overweight people feel bad- he “understands.”
  5. He has a big profile, so we tend to want to believe that what he says is true, and that many others agree with us.

But remember this, please:

  1. Oprah still struggles with her weight- if Dr. Oz had the answers, don’t you think she would too?
  2. He has to fill a lot of time and keep the energy and excitement high to keep his show popular.  So he must keep it “fresh” with the latest and greatest new medical “cure” for all that ails us, especially body fat- even if the evidence isn’t there.
  3. People have a lot of respect for doctors, even when they are wrong.  Their “scrubs” and lab coats have an effect on us..
  4. He is good at communicating sympathy and understanding of weight issues- so we want to believe him
  5. Just because someone is on TV a lot and has a platform to speak, doesn’t make them right.  It makes them good at selling products.

So as you try to figure out the way to keep healthy, get and stay at your ideal weight, and be stress free, please remember that your thin mentality will get you there quicker than following the guru of the day.

Your body is smart, deserves respect, and deserves to be listened to.  Creating a thin mentality is about reconnecting

  • eating with hunger
  • joy with food
  • your body with your ideal weight

Yes, you can do this.  Step one is to stop listening to the experts and start listening to that beautiful voice inside you.  ARE YOU HUNGRY?  And remember, if you aren’t hungry now and you want to be because you “want” to eat, don’t worry!!  Hunger is always just around the corner…  right?




Dr. Oz and the Apple Test


Dr. Oz had “expert” on his show to tell you how you know when you are hungry.

She said that if you don’t know whether or not you are hungry, test yourself with an apple.  If you don’t want the apple, then you aren’t hungry.

Okay, I just know that wouldn’t work for me.  When I am hungry, I am not just “hungry.”  I am hungry FOR something specific.  It is extremely variable, and I believe reflects my activity level. have For example if I worked out and perspired a lot, I probably crave salty food.  Just an example, whatever.

If I tested myself with that apple, it would make me feel bad.  Okay, I don’t want that apple.  So I am not hungry?  NO!  I am not hungry for an apple.  I need a big hunk of cheese.  Or I want a cold pickle.  Or I need a bowl of cereal with milk and bananas.  Whatever.

If I waited until I wanted that apple, I would be in what I call stage 3 hunger, where I am really really hungry, and I lose my ability to be picky and select food that I want.  (An example in my book is when I get to a restaurant and I am in stage 3 hunger so I just eat some bread I don’t even like because I am that hungry)  That is not a good place to be.

Stage 2 hunger is where you are distracted from your life by your hunger, but you aren’t desperate to eat (an apple for example!)

So, my advice to you is that you should get better at really listening to your body and not “threaten” it with a apple you don’t want.  That creates mistrust between your body and you.  It smells of a diet mentality.

I know why this doctor is saying this, however.  She says she does the apple test for herself many times every day.  Oh come on, now, that is no fun!!

She doesn’t trust her own body to steer her to nutritious food.  But think about it.  Your body wants to be able to repair cell damage, grow lustrous hair, have good energy.

When all threats of unwanted apples and diets are gone, the wisdom of your body will emerge!

No get quiet and listen…