If diets work, then why aren't you thin?

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My first book, Diets Are Fattening focused on "Why" you should stop dieting and build your healthy Thin Mentality. My new workbook focuses on "How."

The Original Diets Are Fattening – Book

I wrote my first book, Diets Are Fattening, to illuminate the unspoken consequences of dieting. Tens of thousands of people have emailed me, or followed me on social media, to express their support and appreciation for this perspective.

Please read these reviews of my first book from people just like you!

Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews:
“I have dieted my way to the most I have ever weighed. Meg is absolutely right when she says that diets do not work. Her encouragement to trust in your own body to show you the way, a way that you can live with forever, is the best advice I have ever gotten.”

“Life changing! I am finally free! Great book! I am going to recommend this to many people I know who continue to live in the diet lie.”

“Forget what you know…..or think you know. Amazing revelation. So simple yet so profound. Down 32lbs without trying. Best part is…’s permanent!”

“I love the simplicity and logic of this book. It is a foreign concept, but one that nevertheless rings true.”

“The book is wonderful and I truly understand the reasoning behind the concept. If you’ve been on every diet known to man and you are still fighting your weight, I recommend this book.”

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The original book with updated cover ORIGINAL SOFTCOVER BOOK for $16.00 amazon logo for $9.99

The New Diets Are Fattening – Workbook

My new Diets Are Fattening Workbook guides you through the first 12 weeks of building your Healthy Thin Mentality. Step-by-step, week-by-week, I will show you how to ditch your debilitating diet mentality and build your own strong, healthy Thin Mentality. You CAN do this!

Your HealthyThin Mentality goals:

  • To be in your individual ideal weight range. This is what I mean by “thin.” Everyone has a unique ideal weight range- It is up to you and your doctor.
  • To have a healthful relationship with food, eating, and your body.
  • To retrain your brain to let your body lead you to the food you need.

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A Diets Are Fattening Lip Balm and Reminder Bracelet at no extra cost!

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About the Author

Meg Meranus

Meg is committed to helping frustrated dieters see the truth: Diets don't work, and ironically, over time, actually make you fatter. Meg "gets into the heads" of dieters and turns their world upside down: Everything you have done to lose weight has backfired on you.Her experience as a dieter and as a manager for Nutrisystem gives Meg a unique perspective on the world of dieting. She has used this insight to develop strategies that guide people back to their ideal weight range and peace with food.

In addition to her work at Nutrisystem, Meg worked in the fitness industry as a trainer and instructor. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and holds a Master's Degree in Communication. She lives with her husband in Cincinnati and has three (almost grown!) children.

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What Others Are Saying

Kelly Trowel

"I read Meg's book in a matter of days, once I started I couldn't stop. As I read the book I felt comforted knowing that Meg really understands the complicated mentality of a chronic dieter."

Lynn Schuholz

"Everyone who has ever dieted should read Meg’s book. It makes so much sense and has helped me to understand why dieting doesn’t work."

Karen Hanson

"I have dieted my whole life. I wish that I had figured this out earlier. I am so much happier without worrying about food and my weight all the time."

Topics Discussed in the Book

Diets Breed Rebellion

Use Your Common Sense

Be A Freedom Eater
Diets Teach You To Ignore Your Body

A Diet Obsessed Life Isn't Good Enough

Don't Blame Paula Dean
Dieting Leads To Hording

Diets Make Celebs Fat Too

The Biggest Loser: Your Pride