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Top 5 Facts The Diet Industry Wants to Hide

  1. Calorie restriction  produces stress hormones, that act on fat cells to increase the amount of abdominal fat.
  2. Binge eating is a common mammalian response to calorie deprivation
  3. Our calorie-hoarding frames have strong mechanisms to stop weight loss, but weak systems for preventing weight gain.
  4. After you’ve lost weight, there’s an increase in the emotional response to food.
  5. After dieting, metabolic slowdown can mean that just to maintain a stable weight, people must eat around 400 fewer calories a day post-diet than before dieting.

We underestimate the severe consequence of dieting on our bodies, including persistent weight gain.

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Good Food/Bad Food Mentality Leads to Weight GAIN, not loss


You are not “bad” if you eat this when hungry!!  And you’re not “good” if you eat something you don’t want…


Nutrition doesn’t happen every day. It happens over time- I think the issue here is that we get stuck in that good food bad food mentality and we feel bad when we eat “bad” food.

I was so fed up with dieting and eating right that when I started my healthy thin mentality, I ate “bad” for at least a couple of months- maybe even 6? You know what? It didn’t hurt me AT ALL. It did free me. I only ate for hunger, so I didn’t gain weight (at least not that made my pants feel any different bc I wasn’t weighing myself) but I ate without judging the food. You know what DID happen? That “bad” food lost its appeal. I think that many of us, especially if you have been a dieter for a long time, can’t turn that good food bad food voice off. So it is hard for us to eat without judgment. And if we don’t get all the right nutrition everyday, we get all concerned.

In our culture we OVER worry about nutrition and UNDER worry about portion. So here is my advice. Allow yourself to focus on the portion part of your eating – and of course that means eating in response to hunger and not in response to a food pyramid (by the way the USDA food pyramid was not based on science, it was based on food lobbyists) And over time- you taste buds will crave healthful food too. You say you don’t like veggies or fruit? Well they are associated in your mind with all kinds of negative thoughts- diet, deprivation, eating them instead of what you really want. They will come back in your life.

But, in order to free yourself from a diet mentality, you have to free yourself from the possibility of a future diet, or that mentality will creep in, and make you eat things to be “good” instead of in response to what you want. And remember this, sugar isn’t evil. People fought wars over it.

We have trouble with it because now, when we “allow” ourselves to eat sugar we tend to binge. And bingeing on it is not pleasant. So… we are on a journey to normalize your relationship with food and eating. and to do that, you have to de-arm the food. You have to take away their power. How? make friends with them. Eat them without guilt, when hungry, and know that their power over you will fade away. And then, roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil and sea salt, or boiled carrots with butter and garlic, or a crisp salad will be elevated, in your mind, to treats as well …