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Before and After Pictures are often Faked or Stolen

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Images influence us.

And when dieters see before and after pictures, they are desperate to believe them.

So, logic and common sense are dismissed.  The image of a newly thin woman or man is so powerful, that it overshadows memories of losing weight only to gain it back again.  Just like the “orange girls” I use on my Facebook Page, the true after pics are of a person who has gained back the weight they lost, and more.

But did you know that many of the ads that you see steel “before and after” pictures from Facebook?  That is right, people lose weight and post their pictures, only to have some slimy diet company steal those pictures (easy to do) and add their own copy to those photos.

My message here is to BEWARE.

There is no quick fix.  There is no fast way to shed a bunch of weight on a fast diet and the keep that weight off.

But don’t despair.  When you relearn to connect eating with hunger, you won’t care.  You will understand that you have plenty of opportunities to eat every day.  And as long as you can nourish yourself when you are hungry, you are happy, your body calms down and begins to trust you, and you return to your ideal weight range.

This is a major perspective shift, I know.  It doesn’t demonize certain foods, it doesn’t require  a schedule, it doesn’t demand you drink water instead of eating when you are hungry.


Simply eat enough to quiet hunger, and get on with your day.  Over time, this easily becomes second nature, and it is a habit that you can sustain for the rest of your life because it work WITH your biology.  Right?  And fighting you biology is a fight you don’t want to enter.  Work WITH your hunger.  Work WITH your body.

And ignore all the foolish ads for quick fixes you see-  Oh yes, including that new one- GOLO.  It is just a new gimmick.

And to really get disgusted, read this about stealing Facebook images to use in before and after pics




Is Your Eating on Auto Pilot?

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If you wake up every morning, and go the your coffee maker and then go to your fridge and eat the same breakfast everyday, you may be engaging in auto-pilot eating.   And being on auto-pilot with respect to eating is not progress toward a healthy Thin Mentality.

Every single morning when and if  you eat, it should be in response to your particular hunger and cravings on that particular morning.  Comments like, “I always have toast and an egg for breakfast,” indicate a lack of respect for your body’s voice.

Unless your days are exactly the same in energy expenditure, it is highly unlikely that your body will crave the exact same breakfast or any food for that matter, day after day, week after week, month after month.  So, as you build your healthy Thin Mentality, throw away food routines.  Be open to the possibility that your body will ask for different food today than yesterday.  Be open that you need more, or less! food today than yesterday.

Be open to the possibility that less food will satisfy you than you thought…

In other words, reconnect with your voice many, many times every day to guide your eating choices.  Put away all of your assumptions about what you need. Silence the self talk that ignores your body’s cravings.  Instead of saying, “I should eat some low fat yogurt and granola,” ask yourself, “What is my body asking me to nourish it with?”

And nourish doesn’t mean you are looking for “perfect” food.  It means you are responding to the nutritional needs your body expresses to you through cravings.

And, as I sit here writing this, I am sipping on an ice cold coke.  I usually have coffee, but I was craving a coke.  No, not a perfect food.  But I am not perfect either.  I am just a person who trusts myself and knows that a coke is not poison.  And I also know that my body cravings come from somewhere and fighting them is futile.  So I drink a coke and move on.

So, instead of judging  your food choices too harshly, stay focused on making sure those choices are “fresh” and not from a stale “auto-pilot”system.  You will arrive at nourishing your body in a healthful way.  And you too will realize that when your body craves an “imperfect” food, it is No Big Deal.

The next time you eat will be different.



How to Be Smart About This


It may seem confusing because I am telling you to “turn off ” your brain and listen to your body. But let me emphasize that your brain is important in other ways, as you develop your thin mentality.

Here is how:

Don’t use your brain to decide if you are hungry.   Use your brain to notice what kinds of eating satisfies you the best.

For example, use your brain to notice that if you eat more slowly, you are better at noticing when your hunger is gone.  This may sound similar to “diet advice.”

But the perspective is different.

I am simply telling you that while you are learning about your hunger, you may need some training wheels.  If you eat quickly, you may not notice your hunger has been answered and it is time to stop.  But!!  Once you establish your thin mentality, eat according to your natural rhythms.

I eat really fast.  So what?  Most “nutritionists” would say eating quickly is bad for me.  I say, “whatever!”

Since I have lived with my thin mentality for 16 years, after dieting for DECADES, I am really in tune with my body and I can eat fast, which I simply enjoy, and know when I have had enough.

But, for you novices, it may help to slow down at first, until you familiarize yourself with how much food you need to answer hunger.  Notice that I never say, “Until you are full.”  Because… being “full” is not the goal.  Being “full” is now a feeling that I avoid because it feels awful.

Feeling good is when I am hunger neutral.  I am a zero on the hunger scale.  But I am also a zero on the “full” scale.

It is a very happy place to be.


That Thin Feeling…


That feeling you get when you drop a few pounds quickly makes you happy, I know.  You check yourself out in the mirror, notice that your pants are loose and your stomach feels smaller.

How do you feel when you gain it back?  How miserable are you when you reach into your closet and put those pants on and they are now really tight, or you can’t even pull them up?

That is the ying and yang of dieting.

A thin mentality person never gets that empty, newly thin feeling.  Your progress toward your ideal body weight comes at a pace that is not going to freak your body out.  It IS slower than dieting, for absolute sure.  No doubt.

But, like the turtle who wins the race against the rabbit, the thin mentality person “wins.”  Weight loss is permanent, in harmony with your biology.  You work WITH your body.  You don’t fight your instincts anymore.

I have to reiterate, as I do a lot, that working with your biology includes eating when you are hungry and NOT eating when NOT hungry.  Yes, of course that is important.

Eating when you were NOT HUNGRY is what made you fatter than you want to be in the first place!  You did not get heavy eating when you were hungry.

So, if you miss that “Wow, I just dropped 5 pounds this week high” please remind yourself that you won’t miss the “Wow, I gained 7 pounds this week low.”


People!  Slow and steady wins the race.  Happy, thin, relaxed, smart.  That is you as a thin mentality person.  Join me!!