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Do You Want to Be Thin or A Dieter?

woman-eating-cakeDieters deny themselves cake for weeks or months and then crack and binge on it.

With your Thin Mentality, you have the power, the cake doesn’t have power over you…

Dieting is:

  • Rigid rules
  • Ignoring your body
  • Joyless eating
  • Feeling victimized by circumstances

A thin mentality is:

  • No rules
  • Listening to your body
  • Extremely joyful eating
  • Feeling completely powerful around food


AT 11 PM, she gets up and looks in the fridge.  She knows that she shouldn’t eat anymore, because she has already had all her “points” today.    To make herself feel full, she pours a huge glass of water and drinks it.  Then, she goes up to bed feeling kind of sad and empty and hoping that she can sleep.

It is 11 PM and she notices that the hunger pangs she felt an hour ago aren’t going away and that she really needs to eat something before bed.  She goes into the kitchen and looks for something warm and cheesy.  She doesn’t know why she is craving that and she doesn’t care.  She trusts herself, and knows that if she eats when she is hungry, she is eating with respect for her body.  She makes a delicious cheese toast.  Feeling very pleased that she has the food she likes in her fridge, and that she can take care of her hunger, she takes her bedtime snack up to her room and eats it happily.  She is relaxed, feels lucky, and anticipates a nice night’s sleep.

Yes, the dieter in this example may be lighter the next morning because she has forgone food.  But over time, ignoring your body will backfire on you.  Eating when you are hungry, as the thin mentality person does, will never make you fat.  And when you respect your hunger, and non hunger, you will normalize your relationship with food and begin to understand this:

What got you fat or heavier than you want to be, wasn’t eating a snack when you were hungry, it was eating when you WEREN’T hungry.  And remember, all food, even organic, highly nutritious food, will make you fat if you aren’t hungry when you eat it.  



Stay in the Moment – No Food Debt to the New Year


Sound familiar?

“I will just get through the holiday season, and try not to gain too much, and then really, starting Jan 1, I will be so committed.  I will go to the gym and eat really healthy food.  I will pack my lunch for work, only organic, low calorie food.  No desserts for me!  And by spring, when it comes time to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts, I will be much thinner!  Yes I can do it!  I might even go online to Weight Watchers.  Ok, this is great.  I am really psyched to really get it together this year.  Ok…Well, here I go to the office party, and there will be cookies there.  I guess I can have some since I am really going to start strong in January.”


Do you see the craziness of this!  You eat more in the holidays because you are so sure that this year your diet will work and you will keep weight off.  It will be different.  Oh boy, those ads on TV do a number on us.

OK, now just STOP,  Do NOT do this to yourself.  Stop putting off your life.  You are right here in this moment. What are you going to do?  Are you going to shove a cookie down your body now because you are going to diet in a couple of weeks.  That is not fair to your “future self” is it?

Don’t treat your “future self” that way.  Don’t give your “future self” a food debt.  NO NO NO

Stay in the present.  If you are hungry for something sweet and you go to your office party and there are some wonderful little treats there, go ahead and have enough to quiet your hunger for them.  This won’t take long!  Pay attention.  Then, get on with your life.  Don’t use that cookie as a license to binge for the rest of the day because you already messed up!!!!

There is no magic diet.  Those raspberry ketones will not save you from fatness.  Nothing will, except you learning to eat in response to your body.  Your body is your best friend.  It wants you to start listening.  Stop fantasizing that any other way will work.

And you know what?  When you do, you will realize that all along you had the tools within you to listen, eat enough to keep you happy, stress free, and binge free, and be a nice weight for you.

And keeping your body happy, satisfied and not overfull is a wonderful way to be.


Feeling Fat Makes Your Desperate- Don’t Lose Your Common Sense

mich bloated sac

There you are, feeling fat.   You had lost weight, but over Thanksgiving you lost control.  The pumpkin pie was fabulous.  You remember feeling full and asking for more food anyway.   And now you feel awful.  You try to estimate how long it will take you to make up for all the eating you did over the holiday.

You feel desperate.  Then you look through some magazines and see some celebrities saying how they lost weight doing this or that- (Have you seen the crazy Instagram shots of people “waist” training?)

And you let those pictures effect you.  You think maybe you just need to find the right diet and you will be okay.  You consider drinking detox tea every day like that Jenner girl.  Or you decide that you will just go on Nutrisystem one more time.

AH!  Stop letting glamorized stories of dieting influence you!  You have dieted before- you always gain the weight back.  Insanity is repeating an action and expecting a different consequence, right?  Don’t be “insane!”

Stop trying to get thin by dieting.  Instead, learn how to get thin and healthy  by developing your thin mentality.  And remember, being a dieter and having a thin mentality are completely different.

And remember these truths:

  • Eating when you are hungry is normal and will not make you fat
  • Eating when you are not hungry no matter how healthy the food is fattening
  • You probably  need less food to calm hunger than you think.
  • You fear being hungry because dieting made you ignore your hunger.
  • When you respect your hunger and non hunger,  you normalize your relationship with food

Feeling desperate because you are unhappy with your weight leaves you vulnerable to ridiculous diet plans and silly celebrities who are paid to promote different ways to “get skinny.”  Don’t fall for it.  Your body doesn’t need a “detox.”  Your body needs you to listen to your hunger and non hunger.