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Losing Weight With Your Thin Mentality

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Losing weight with your thin mentality is permanent and harmonious. You will not get the “I feel empty like I’m losing weight” feeling. That is a short-term weight loss feeling. Thin mentality weight loss won’t “hurt.”

It is a gradual reconnection to your ideal weight range.

As you develop your thin mentality, here is your number one job: Every time you are in a potential eating situation, ask yourself if you are hungry. Then, as you eat, keep checking in with yourself- ask yourself, could you just put it down for a little while? And if you can, just see if you can delay eating anymore for ten minutes. That ten minutes may become two hours or even four hours and that delay in eating allows your body to digest the wonderful food you have given it without having to deal with “extra” food.

From my experience, the second half of this equation- the checking in with yourself while you are eating, takes more getting used to than waiting for hunger.

This is why-

When you diet, you tend to be in a feast or famine mode. So as you are eating, if you are satisfying true hunger and really enjoying your food, you start to hear those voices- “I have already eaten too much, may as well eat more….I have eaten chips which are so bad that I might as well keep eating…I am going to exercise later so I am just going to eat a bit more…”

All these phrases are deeply ingrained in the dieter. Recognize them and refuse to honor them. Instead, pay attention to that fantastic body you have- yes you do!!!!- and wait for more hunger to continue eating.

This is where weight loss occurs: when you have really keyed in to the appropriate time to stop eating (when hunger is gone of course!)

So if you are concerned about making progress with your thin mentality, keep this blog in the front of your mind. Remember, you can eat beautiful food- salty food, chocolate, steak, chicken, salad, etc…. as long as you feel hunger. And then, pay attention when hunger subsides.

Thin Mentality people know this important concept:

It takes less food to satisfy you than you previously thought.

But again, please, please, please don’t let that scare you. Dieters are scared of not eating because they can’t eat when they feel hunger. But you, my thin mentality friend CAN. NO fear. NO deprivation. Just a wonderful life reconnecting eating with hunger.


Why I Don’t Weigh Myself

Feet_on_scaleLet’s talk about the scale again. I know this is a sticking point for many of you.

When I first rejected dieting and began to build my thin mentality, I was nervous that I would gain weight. So, at first, I did weigh myself every few days. I actually think that this slowed me down, but hey, maybe you are worried like I was so I want to tell you how I handled it.

Now- let me review why weighing yourself is counterproductive. Let’s say you get on the scale and you weigh less than you thought. What happens? In my case, if I weighed less I would think things like, “well, I guess I didn’t eat as much as I thought I did, I have to remember that I can eat more and not gain.” Or I would think, “wow, I guess today I can be a little less strict on myself.” And then if I had gained weight I would think, “Damn, I must have eaten too much- ugh,” or “I am so mad that I weigh more- I worked out so much, that doesn’t seem fair,” etc. etc.

Does this kind of response sound at all familiar to you?

But all of these responses are absolutely silly because they treat that number on the scale as an accurate measurement of your progress. Please remember, that your scale doesn’t deserve so much respect. Over time, a scale can certainly show a pattern of loss or gain. But from one day to the next, a scale can make you think you gained, when you are really just swollen from drinking a lot from working out, or make you think you lost weight when you really are just dehydrated. Etc.! There are lots of things that influence what your weight, from day to day!!

So weighing yourself interferes with what should be the only relevant question when you are deciding if and what to eat, “Am I hungry?” In other words, if you weigh more and you are upset, you may not eat what you need because you are focused on the number on your scale. Or if you weigh less, you may shove some extra food in as a “reward.” Both of these are silly.

Also, when you have the crutch of a daily weigh in, you feel like your weight won’t get out of hand because you are checking it everyday. At least that is how I thought!! So that is why I was really reticent to give up the scale.

But, when I finally did stop weighing myself, I can tell you that this is when my ability to really hear my body’s voice took off. Instead of saying to myself, well, I will eat this tonight and if I don’t weigh more tomorrow, I will know that it was an okay thing to eat, I had to listen to my body and ask the tough question, “Am I truly hunger for this right now?”

Do you see the difference here and how weighing yourself can distract you from that question?

So my advice to you- give up the scale as soon as you can. If you occasionally peek, okay, but please remember that peeking can lead to over and under eating, BOTH of which are bad because they disconnect you from….YOU!


Thin Mentality and Exercise and Why I Want to Help You


Folks, we all know that there is no trick to losing weight.  In order to make your body use your stored calories (fat) you must eat less, right?  And in order for this weight loss to be permanent, the weight loss must be non-traumatic to your body and your emotions.  By that I mean that it needs to be slow enough that your body doesn’t go into famine mode.

The difference between eating less with your thin mentality versus eating less by dieting is huge.  When your thin mentality guides you to food, you feel calm, in control, non-obsessed, and eating is an enjoyable experience.  Over time you simply get better and better at matching hunger with eating.  And since you can eat whenever you are hungry and you can eat whatever you crave, again, eating is normalized.  Dieting promotes abnormal eating, ignoring your body and a perverted relationship with food.

If you are saying, “Well, Meg isn’t a scientist or a doctor, so she just can’t make these claims,” I understand your point of view.  I love science and respect research.  But in this field, the field of weight loss, science has not given us the answer.

And since I have embraced a very reasonable, logical and harmonious way to stop dieting and get and stay at my ideal weight, I simply want to share this with you.  Why?  Because I truly believe that if you took the amount of angst that dieting has caused world wide, it would be enormous.

And that makes me so sad.  And mad.  Because the reason diet mentalities are so strong is that the diet industry constantly reinforces them.

So as you are on this site and evaluating what I am saying, please understand where I am coming from.  I am doing the very best I can to help free you from your diet mentality.

I am using my decades of personal experience as a dieter, my professional experience as a Nutrisystem Manager, and as a fitness instructor, to help guide you.

I am always open to feedback and questions and love to hear from you.

In addition, I am working on more ways to connect with you including a live “broadcast” two times a week.  My goal with this is to provide real time encouragement and perspectives on developing your thin mentality while leading you in some very effective, safe, and enjoyable body toning.  My focus during these sessions will be to show you what kind of exercise has helped me the most over the years.  In addition, I want to give you a “pep” talk  to help you stay fully committed to your thin mentality.  These sessions will be fun, informal, and serve as a good catalyst to help you understand how exercise and your thin mentality go together.

Stay tuned for more, and offer any feedback you have- I would love to hear.  Thanks