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Best Exercise to lose Weight? Push Away from the table when hunger is gone



Does watching the Olympics make you want to work out more- you know, get in good shape like those amazing athletes?

From working in fitness for years, and from understanding the difference between a diet mentality and a thin mentality, here is what I know.

Being fit and working out is great for your body, heart and soul.  It is also a good way to make friends, if you play a sport, go to a gym, or go to a group class.  And working out at home is great too.  Just getting  your blood pumping and muscles warm makes everything work better.

But- unless you are training like an Olympian, trying to use exercise to lose weight is not nearly as effective as learning how to reconnect eating and true hunger.

Please don’t misinterpret this.  Exercise is great and does burn calories.  But you know what your smart body will do?  Your body will respond with more hunger.  This is of course normal and good.

So if you work out more, you will crave more food to compensate.  So, in order to lose weight as you exercise and develop your thin mentality you must make sure that you keep checking in with yourself to see if you “could be done.”

As in, “I lifted and ran today and it felt great.  But I was really ravenous afterwards and went out for my favorite dinner.  I was so hungry that I ate a lot and felt bloated and like I overate at the end.”

Yes this happens to many people who work out.  So use your thin mentality to be smart. Don’t overeat because you are ravenous from your workout- just keep checking in with yourself- “Could I be done or am I still hungry?”  And if you notice that when you eat really fast you tend to overeat, then it is perfectly compatible with a thin mentality to learn from that.  Say to yourself, “I have noticed that when I eat after I work out I tend to eat past hunger because I eat so fast, so I make a conscious effort to slow down a bit.”

Remember, building your thin mentality is a lot about learning about yourself and what works for you.

So as you watch the Olympics, don’t promise yourself that you will run 5 extra miles this week.  Instead, say that will pay close attention to your hunger when you eat so that you make sure you don’t over eat because your work out spiked your hunger.

The best “exercise” of all for getting to your ideal weight is pushing away from the table when hunger is gone –   Many of you know this is one of my favorite sayings…


Do You Suffer From A Good Food/Bad Food Mentality?

This isn't poison.  This is a beautiful food. This isn’t poison. This is a beautiful food.

One of the most harmful nutrition mantras is that you need to eat a balanced plate at every meal.

No, I am not a scientist.  No, I am not a doctor.

But we have listened to doctors and scientists and nutritionists for decades.  We have followed their advice.  And what has been the outcome?  A society of food obsessed, body obsessed, stressed out people.

I know because I was one of them.

I am trying to show you how to get out of that vicious cycle.  And one of the most important things for me was to stop qualifying food as “good” or “bad.”  I know many of you are like me and when you “slip” and eat something bad you feel like you have blown it for the day.  Or you feel weak and undisciplined.

I got out of this by just giving myself one “rule” to live by.  I call it my “Golden Rule of Eating.”  Many of you who have read my blogs know this rule.  Of course it is to delay eating until you are Hungry.

That is it.

So when you eat, if your plate doesn’t look like the FDAs food pyramid- no problem.  And if you eat breakfast food at dinner and lunch food for breakfast, and you love to eat sweets when you are hungry, or you think you hate vegetables- don’t worry about it.

I can hear the nutritionists cringing.

But do you know what makes me cringe?  When people waste their time, love, and energy trying to figure out what perfect food combination will get them to their perfect health and thin.

When you free yourself from that perfection seeking eating, you can reconnect eating with hunger.  That is your only job.  Just eat when you are hungry and stop when your hunger is quiet.  This will de-stress you.  This will reconnect you with the pure joy of eating.  This will get you back to your ideal weight range.

And most ironically, when you stop trying to eat perfectly and just start listening to your body’s cravings and hunger, you WILL CRAVE HEALTHFUL food!  Your body is wise and will guide you to what you need.  Sounds spooky?  No!  This is normal.  This is Mother Nature.

So if your friends look at you and snicker because you are heavy and you are eating a cookie, don’t worry about it.  If your spouse can’t believe you are making fried chicken for dinner, tell him or her to back off.  This is your body.  You are THE ONLY ONE who lives there.  Right?

Eating a cookie when you are craving it won’t hurt you as long as you pair eating with true hunger.  And eating some delicious fried chicken is a beautiful thing. When… you are hungry!   Ta da!

And open yourself up to the possibility that all the things you thought about yourself may not be right.  You aren’t an over eater.  You aren’t lazy.  You aren’t undisciplined.  You have simply dieted yourself fat.

Free yourself.  Eat exactly what your hunger is calling for.  Relax.  You won’t blow up.  Eating when you are hungry and stopping when your hunger is quiet will not make you gain weight, no matter what you are eating.  And eating grapefruit and carrots when you ARE NOT HUNGRY will….

After you have freed yourself, watch the evolution in your eating.  As you regain your power over eating, and stop fearing food, you will begin to hear your body craving healthful, wonderful food as well as those treats that were so long forbidden.

Good nutrition doesn’t happen at every meal.  It happens over a period of meals.

My book explains all of this more- or read more blogs to get the idea- there are over 140 or so as of today (Feb 2014) and I will keep cranking out more.

I am on a mission to help you get out of that terrible cycle of dieting yourself fat, stressed out and searching for that perfect diet.