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Reacquaint Yourself With Your Body’s Hunger Signals (Yes, you have them)


am i hungry or bored

How can you eat when you are hungry when you don’t know when you are hungry?

I understand.  But believe me, you have hunger and NON hunger signals.  They are just buried under a layer of diet mentality.

Just quiet your brain and start listening to your body.  Your body’s voice may be a whisper now, but it will get louder and louder when you start respecting it.



Reinforce the principles of a thin mentality everyday

Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

For those of you who are working on your thin mentality, and sending me questions, please know that they are good questions- you are trying to actually make this work in your life!

I am working to re-vamp my website to offer more help in actually establishing your thin mentality.  It will be a few more weeks, but, just to let you know.

So, in the meantime, please keep reading and honestly re-reading my book and blogs.  You will absorb more if you read and some of your questions will be answered in those blogs.

As you are working hard to change your perspective, remember that your cravings, hunger etc are part of you, and in time, they will become more predictable when you start paying attention to them.  This is normal.  You have been trained to believe that it is good to ignore your body.  Yes, it is hardest in the beginning when you have no idea at all what or when or how much you need!

That doesn’t last long though, you will get better and better at it-

You will come to learn what kind of food you should buy based on your experience with your own preferences.  The stress you are feeling about doing this thin mentality thing “just right” is a remnant of your diet mentality.  Just focus on progress, not perfection.

Your food/diet obsession is a result of a really distorted view of food and eating.  This which was brought on by a culture that promotes a distorted view of food and eating!  Your obsession is actually a very normal reaction to this abnormal cultural bias that has usurped Mother Nature in favor of making people think they need to diet to be thin.

Stop dieting and obsessing.  You were not born to be fat.  You were born to be a nice, healthy weight.  Get there by rejecting that diet mentality that I imagine is very very strong in many of you.

Recognize that what you thought was the answer- rigid rules- is actually the problem.  One cookie doesn’t mean you should eat ten because you blew it.  A couple of cookies isn’t evil.    Ditch that “all or none” mentality.

It takes time to assimilate your thin mentality into your life.  But I promise, it is worth it.

Let go of your diet mentality and re-connect with the way Mother Nature intended you to eat-in response to true hunger.  Take away the obsessive mentality and.. the obsessive behavior GOES AWAY!!


Listen to Your body, Not the “Expert” of the Day


I cannot tell you how happy I was to see the New York Times article, “Salt, We Misjudged You.”   The article states, “New evidence suggests that eating less of it (salt) can actually worsen your health.”

So, once again, the experts tell us one thing, then the experts contradict themselves…

Salt, like sugar,  is one of those life-sustaining gifts from “Mother Nature.”   They are fantastic.  And as a person with a thin mentality I can, and do, enjoy salt and sugar every day.

You can too.

I am NOT telling you to eat more salt or sugar.  I AM telling you that if you crave something, like salt, you should provide it to your body— when you are hungry!

Scientists can do a thousand experiments on salt intake.  That is fine. But today, as I sit and eat some scrambled eggs, I don’t need their validation.  I am going to put salt on ’em and enjoy them tremendously.

What is your “salt?’  You may have no idea because you have been trained to ignore your body.  But if you start listening, you will learn a lot about yourself, and what combination of foods your body wants.

I know you don’t believe you can do this.  But you can.  It is normal.  Eating according to diet rules is abnormal.

Naturally thin eating is:

Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!
Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!
Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!

Once your body trusts that when you are hungry you will provide appropriate food, you are on the road to recovering from your diet mentality.

Trust yourself!  Even if your diet mentality is decades old, as mine was, it is possible to recover and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with food, and have a thin body.

It is great, and it is worth the effort to “re-train” yourself.
Or would you rather diet for the rest of your life?  Ugh!


Oh Gee, You “Get To” Eat Bread


A new ad for a weight loss program shows this lady so happy because she is “allowed to eat bread.’

Is that how you want to live?  Do you really want someone to tell you that you can eat bread?  Don’t you want to be a grown up?

It is like the soda rule in New York.

I am not saying people should swig a 2 liter soft drink bottle.  I just want you to get mad at all the profit driven bossiness.  I want you to say:

“When my body craves a soft drink, I will drink it. Now leave me alone!  And,  when my body wants some bread and butter, I will eat it.  And as soon as my body tells me that I have had enough, I will stop.  I respect the wisdom of my body far more than that lady who is being paid to dance around and say how great dieting is.”  And, that is why I am thin 🙂

I read an article right after New Year’s by this guy who was making fun of his annual trip to Weight Watchers.  He was funny, the way he wrote it, but really it was so sad.  He was trying to make the best of it, but every year, he lost weight because he felt very motivated at the in-person weigh ins,(didn’t want to disappoint!) but he always gained it back.

Here is the link to it! Read it for great motivation on NOT DIETING!!

It is on page 54 and is called “Fatman Begins”  by Bob Woodiwess-  it is from Cincinnati Magazine


I refuse to deny myself french fries


I used to deny myself french fries or anything fried.

Now I eat fried chicken when I want it.  And, I eat french fries.

The difference:

When I used to finally crack and binge on fried chicken, I would eat a sick amount.  Now, since it isn’t a big forbidden treat, I eat a nice amount, (one breast?) with the skin, by the way, and am completely satisfied.

And when I eat a hamburger and french fries, you are right.  I never eat the whole thing.  I probably eat about half.

But you must understand that I am not being good.

When you finally get rid of your diet mentality, it isn’t about being good or bad.  It isn’t about eating perfectly.  It isn’t about counting calories.  It is about eating in response to your body.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I know the diet mentality “broken record” is playing on TV and the Internet for you all day long.  I have to counteract that!!

I am here to be your cheerleader.  You can do this.  And if you think I am different than you, you are wrong!

I know what it is like to have terrible cravings, that are so out of whack with what I really need.  Those unbearable cravings are the result of strict dieting.

I know what it is like to be good for weeks and then be bad and undo all the “good.”

Please give this a chance.  Give yourself a chance.

Your wonderful body (even if it doesn’t feel wonderful to you right now) is really hoping that you will listen to it.

As soon as you start, it will get louder.  But think of this, if you were “talking” and no one was listening, wouldn’t you get discouraged?  That is your body.  But what if all of the sudden someone, you!, started listening,  it wouldn’t take long for you to talk louder and more confidently, would it?

Listen listen listen.  Your voice is there.  Just stop ignoring it and it will come roaring back,


They shake their heads? You smile…

eating argue

As you set out to reestablish a healthy relationship with food and eating, and get thin once and for all, do not underestimate the objections you will run into.  Well meaning people think that dieting and restrictions are the only way.  They will shake their heads when you select a cookie from the buffet.

I respect these people because I know that their motives are good.  But having good motives can’t change that dieting causes misery, weight gain, and food obsessions.

Once you get your weight to a good place, it is easier to handle these looks because you can say, “Hey, look at me, I am fine.”

But if you are heavy, it is harder to eat in response to hunger with confidence in front of others.  Your spouse, your mother, your friends may, in an effort to help you, tell you that it cannot possibly be good to eat a cookie.

That is why I built this site, blog, and post on Facebook.  You need an ally in this.  Check in often to stay strong.  Get energy and confidence from other peoples’ comments and posts.  And for those of you who are having good experiences building your thin mentality, please share because words from you mean more than words from me.

It is good to have a few key phrases you say to yourself to handle comments, or looks or pro-diet propaganda-  (I honestly don’t think propaganda is too strong a word!)

Here are a couple of phrases:

I can eat it all, just not all at once.
If diets worked we would all be thin- (including the people who are shaking their heads!)
My body is smarter than any diet expert.
Delay eating, don’t deny.
Eating a cookie when I am hungry for something sweet is reasonable
Eating three bowls green beans when I am hungry for something sweet is not.

It takes perseverance, strength, and faith in yourself that you can be one of the people who can look at the diet culture we live in, and reject it in favor of a calm, reasonable, biology driven eating.

But this is still easier than dieting for the rest of your life.  And more fun. And permanent. And smarter.


Kevin James- So funny, so sad

kevin-james-at-event-of-zookeeperI saw Kevin James (comedian from King of Queens TV show) on TV last night.  He was doing a celebrity mini tennis match at the US Open in NYC on ESPN 2.

He is huge, again.

I remember seeing him on his show after he lost weight.  They based a whole episode on it.  I had a sinking feeling as I watched.  I knew that as happy as he was, even when he was really just “acting” in the show, that he was doomed.

He lost it really quickly on a low carb diet.

He gained it back, of course.  And as fabulous as he felt when he trimmed down, you know he feels like a loser gaining it all back- and more.

It is so hard  You wear your weight gain like a sign that says, “Hey, look at me, I lost weight but am such a pig I gained it all back and even more!”

You feel weak, embarrassed and angry at yourself.  You recount all the suffering it took to get thin, and then you marvel at how fast you gained it back.


Please folks, realize that you are NOT weak.  It is human nature, fantastic strong human nature, to hoard food after deprivation.  Once, when we all lived in caves, it kept you ALIVE.

Don’t be mad at your body.  It is trying to keep YOU alive.

Be mad at yourself for falling prey to the diet industry.  And, of course, be mad at the diet industry.

What else, with such an incredibly high failure rate would thrive?   (If you judge diet success by long term weight loss, the numbers are tiny- and those very few people who do keep it off diet rigidly for the rest of their lives.  NO thank you!)

You are in a wedding in three months.  You are going to lose three dress sizes.  And bingo you will be thin for that day.  And then, I promise you, you will gain it back.  It is only a matter of time.

And isn’t it actually worse to get thin for the day and then get fat again?

(I am NOT saying to stay fat!!!!)

Oh really,,,, you think you will keep it off this time?   OK- keep bashing your head against the wall.  Sorry, to mean to be harsh, but honestly, I want to help you realize that you are headed down a miserable path if you decide to diet again.

You are fat because you are seeking to solve your weight issue with a bandaid instead of cutting off the “bleeding” at the source.

You have put your body on a roller coaster of  restriction and then bingeing.  And, until you get off that roller coaster, until you stop the bleeding at the source, you will continue to diet, lose, and gain.

Earn your body’s trust again.


Eat when you are hungry.  Oh boy, I say that a lot.  It is so simple, yet so perfect.

And building your body’s trust (that you won’t starve it) involves not only eating when you are hungry, it is NOT eating when your are NOT hungry.

I could help Kevin.  It would take time, but his body can recover from what he has done to it.  He may not be destined to have wash board abs.  But, he is a great athlete stuck in a fat body that, I am sure, makes him sad…

And you aren’t meant to be overweight either.  You were born to enjoy food that you love when you are hungry.  Does that sound like a fantasy world?

Well, the nutrition/diet industry spends a lot of money every year making you think that your “fantasy” of a thin body can be achieved through their gimmicks.

Develop your thin mentality, and buck your diet mentality.

Diet rules make you eat what you don’t want when you aren’t hungry and avoid what you do want when you are hungry.

Do you see how backwards that is?

We are meant to eat all kinds of delicious foods, including steak, candy, and greens.  Yes you will want greens too.  Yes, you will crave water instead of coke.  Yes you will eat less some days and more on others.

You will be happier and love your life more when have a strong thin mentality instead of a diet mentality.

You will go to parties and eat wonderful foods without feeling worried or bingeing.  You will skip breakfast if you aren’t hungry.  You will eat lunch at 10:30 if you feel like it.  You will eat dessert first if that is what you want.  You will eat a plate of steak and nothing else if that is what you hunger for.  You will eat potato chips and cookies.  I do!!  But not unless I am hungry FOR THEM!

As long as you listen to your body, and eat when only in response to being hungry, you will be FINE.

And YES, you will get to your ideal body weight.  It is just a matter of time, and trust.

Remember, the choice you think is there is NOT there:  You will NOT go on a diet, and keep it off.  If that was possible, you would have already done it and not be reading this right now.


The biggest loser sends terrible message


I feel a rant coming on.

Sunday night, I hop into my cozy bed with my remote and land on The Biggest Loser.  How awful.  Before I could turn away, I saw a family getting counseling by some TV doctor throwing a whole bunch of “bad” food in the trash.

That is the worst thing you can do.  Seeing food you bought being thrown out may feel momentarily cleansing.  But life is not like this.  You cannot cleanse the world of “temptation.”

It would be so much more helpful for these people to learn that food has no power over them.  This purging of food  reinforces the “scary” food syndrome.  It gives the food power over you.

Thin mentality people wouldn’t dream of throwing food away like that.  It would seem incredibly wasteful and irresponsible.  Most of that food looked like it would last in their pantry for months.  It would have been very reasonable to keep that food, and learn how to respond to their cravings for it in an appropriate way, when true hunger existed.

And by the way, so ironic that the blond host of the show did a little “green” commercial spot during the show.

There is nothing less green than throwing away food.

This is why I give money to Heifer International for each book I sell.  We need to understand that we are lucky to have food available to us.  We need to appreciate and enjoy it and savor it and applaud it and not THROW IT OUT!!


Jessica Simpson New Ad- “not hungry…”

jessica simpsomJessica Simpson’s new ad for Weight Watchers has her saying, “I’m not hungry.”

You’ve been there…

You go on a diet and three days into it (give or take a day or two) you aren’t hungry even though you are eating way less than you used to,

Ok, folks, this is your fantastic body adapting to your self-imposed famine.  Your body is “on your side!”  So, it is not sending you hunger signals anymore.  It is coping with the low calories and is assuming that since you haven’t fed yourself, that you can’t.

In ancient times, this would have helped you survive.  You would still have been able to hunt or gather or whatever.

But, you do NOT want to do this to yourself.  You want your hunger to be alive and strong so that your body is behaving normally and burning calories normally, not lowering your metabolism to accommodate your “famine.”

Because you know what happens the second you go off your diet and eat normally. You gain weight rapidly.  Eating 2000 calories a day, for example, used to be fine for you.  You didn’t lose, and you didn’t gain.  But after your diet of 1000 calories a day, you eat 2000 and gain two pounds in a day.

Well, well, well.  Isn’t that interesting?

And, all of the sudden you are hungry again.  Of course you are!  Your body is so psyched that you have food available that it is going to push you to eat.  And how does your body do that?  With hunger, of course.

Hunger is how your body talks to you.  Don’t mess with it, or it will mess with you.

You start eating more in one meal than you ate in an entire day when you were dieting.

I know you know what I am talking about.

So, if you “lose” your hunger, beware.  Value your hunger.  Keep your hunger alive by eating when you are hungry and putting the fork down when you are not.  That is how to get your body healthy and THIN.  It is slower than dieting.  Yes.

So what.  Do you want quick and stupid or smart and permanent?  (Is that too harsh??)

Jessica saying that she is not hungry is sad to me.  It means that she has cut calories to a degree that her body has given up sending her hunger signals.

She will lose weight.  She will gain it back.

And think how amazing that is.  She is being paid millions of dollars.  She has all the resources in the world available to her.  And yet she will not win the war she is waging on her body.  Her body is strong and she should be glad.

Then she should stop dieting and reconnect with her body.  She was not born to be fat. She got fat after she over-dieted.  (Remember how thin she got for Daisy Dukes?)

Yet she will gain it back.  I don’t wish that on her, of course.  It is just that the best predictor of the future, is the past.