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Don’t Let the Diet Industry Make More Money Off of You

delicious-eating-fashion-girl-hair-hat-Favim_com-64777_largeWhy are we constantly hyperventilating over finding the perfect food combination for optimum health or the quickest way to lose weight, or the best exercise?

How did we all get so caught up in this?

Well, it is because diet and nutrition companies make money on promoting nutrition and weight loss products.  In the United States alone, it is a 65 BILLION DOLLAR a year industry.

And to sell these products, they have to create a need.

So through an extraordinary amount of advertising, the diet industry has convinced us that we need them.

But developing your thin mentality is cheap!

It won’t make any company any profits.  And, it won’t require lots of supplies or special foods.

It is funny, though.  I think that we have all gotten so used to eating and dieting, that at first you might miss the the angst of dieting.

I mean it does give you something juicy to talk about with your friends, right?

But, believe me, once you stop dieting, you will think of other, much better topics of conversation!  You really won’t miss it at all!


To Eat or Not to Eat

risk-appetiteWhen you want something to eat and you are not hungry, you have two choices.  Eat it or don’t eat it.  Right?

As you consider this choice, remember the power of building a good habit.  Every time you wait for a hunger “opportunity” to eat, you are strengthening a habit that builds your thin mentality.  Every time you eat without respect to hunger, you weaken it.

And remind yourself that you are not suffering!   You are not denying yourself food.  You are simply delaying it.  And the pleasure of eating food when hungry (not just bored) is so much more intense.

Give yourself a chance to work up an appetite.  And then, really consider what it is you want. That chocolate you thought about this morning, may or may not be what you end up wanting when you are actually hungry.  And either way, it is fine.  Eating when you are hungry will never make you fat.

Remember, eat enough to stop the hunger, not enough to prevent future hunger.


Reacquaint Yourself With Your Body’s Hunger Signals (Yes, you have them)


am i hungry or bored

How can you eat when you are hungry when you don’t know when you are hungry?

I understand.  But believe me, you have hunger and NON hunger signals.  They are just buried under a layer of diet mentality.

Just quiet your brain and start listening to your body.  Your body’s voice may be a whisper now, but it will get louder and louder when you start respecting it.



Reinforce the principles of a thin mentality everyday

Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

For those of you who are working on your thin mentality, and sending me questions, please know that they are good questions- you are trying to actually make this work in your life!

I am working to re-vamp my website to offer more help in actually establishing your thin mentality.  It will be a few more weeks, but, just to let you know.

So, in the meantime, please keep reading and honestly re-reading my book and blogs.  You will absorb more if you read and some of your questions will be answered in those blogs.

As you are working hard to change your perspective, remember that your cravings, hunger etc are part of you, and in time, they will become more predictable when you start paying attention to them.  This is normal.  You have been trained to believe that it is good to ignore your body.  Yes, it is hardest in the beginning when you have no idea at all what or when or how much you need!

That doesn’t last long though, you will get better and better at it-

You will come to learn what kind of food you should buy based on your experience with your own preferences.  The stress you are feeling about doing this thin mentality thing “just right” is a remnant of your diet mentality.  Just focus on progress, not perfection.

Your food/diet obsession is a result of a really distorted view of food and eating.  This which was brought on by a culture that promotes a distorted view of food and eating!  Your obsession is actually a very normal reaction to this abnormal cultural bias that has usurped Mother Nature in favor of making people think they need to diet to be thin.

Stop dieting and obsessing.  You were not born to be fat.  You were born to be a nice, healthy weight.  Get there by rejecting that diet mentality that I imagine is very very strong in many of you.

Recognize that what you thought was the answer- rigid rules- is actually the problem.  One cookie doesn’t mean you should eat ten because you blew it.  A couple of cookies isn’t evil.    Ditch that “all or none” mentality.

It takes time to assimilate your thin mentality into your life.  But I promise, it is worth it.

Let go of your diet mentality and re-connect with the way Mother Nature intended you to eat-in response to true hunger.  Take away the obsessive mentality and.. the obsessive behavior GOES AWAY!!


Listen to Your body, Not the “Expert” of the Day


I cannot tell you how happy I was to see the New York Times article, “Salt, We Misjudged You.”   The article states, “New evidence suggests that eating less of it (salt) can actually worsen your health.”

So, once again, the experts tell us one thing, then the experts contradict themselves…

Salt, like sugar,  is one of those life-sustaining gifts from “Mother Nature.”   They are fantastic.  And as a person with a thin mentality I can, and do, enjoy salt and sugar every day.

You can too.

I am NOT telling you to eat more salt or sugar.  I AM telling you that if you crave something, like salt, you should provide it to your body— when you are hungry!

Scientists can do a thousand experiments on salt intake.  That is fine. But today, as I sit and eat some scrambled eggs, I don’t need their validation.  I am going to put salt on ’em and enjoy them tremendously.

What is your “salt?’  You may have no idea because you have been trained to ignore your body.  But if you start listening, you will learn a lot about yourself, and what combination of foods your body wants.

I know you don’t believe you can do this.  But you can.  It is normal.  Eating according to diet rules is abnormal.

Naturally thin eating is:

Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!
Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!
Eating exactly what you want when hungry and Stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore!

Once your body trusts that when you are hungry you will provide appropriate food, you are on the road to recovering from your diet mentality.

Trust yourself!  Even if your diet mentality is decades old, as mine was, it is possible to recover and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with food, and have a thin body.

It is great, and it is worth the effort to “re-train” yourself.
Or would you rather diet for the rest of your life?  Ugh!