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The biggest loser sends terrible message


I feel a rant coming on.

Sunday night, I hop into my cozy bed with my remote and land on The Biggest Loser.  How awful.  Before I could turn away, I saw a family getting counseling by some TV doctor throwing a whole bunch of “bad” food in the trash.

That is the worst thing you can do.  Seeing food you bought being thrown out may feel momentarily cleansing.  But life is not like this.  You cannot cleanse the world of “temptation.”

It would be so much more helpful for these people to learn that food has no power over them.  This purging of food  reinforces the “scary” food syndrome.  It gives the food power over you.

Thin mentality people wouldn’t dream of throwing food away like that.  It would seem incredibly wasteful and irresponsible.  Most of that food looked like it would last in their pantry for months.  It would have been very reasonable to keep that food, and learn how to respond to their cravings for it in an appropriate way, when true hunger existed.

And by the way, so ironic that the blond host of the show did a little “green” commercial spot during the show.

There is nothing less green than throwing away food.

This is why I give money to Heifer International for each book I sell.  We need to understand that we are lucky to have food available to us.  We need to appreciate and enjoy it and savor it and applaud it and not THROW IT OUT!!


Jessica Simpson New Ad- “not hungry…”

jessica simpsomJessica Simpson’s new ad for Weight Watchers has her saying, “I’m not hungry.”

You’ve been there…

You go on a diet and three days into it (give or take a day or two) you aren’t hungry even though you are eating way less than you used to,

Ok, folks, this is your fantastic body adapting to your self-imposed famine.  Your body is “on your side!”  So, it is not sending you hunger signals anymore.  It is coping with the low calories and is assuming that since you haven’t fed yourself, that you can’t.

In ancient times, this would have helped you survive.  You would still have been able to hunt or gather or whatever.

But, you do NOT want to do this to yourself.  You want your hunger to be alive and strong so that your body is behaving normally and burning calories normally, not lowering your metabolism to accommodate your “famine.”

Because you know what happens the second you go off your diet and eat normally. You gain weight rapidly.  Eating 2000 calories a day, for example, used to be fine for you.  You didn’t lose, and you didn’t gain.  But after your diet of 1000 calories a day, you eat 2000 and gain two pounds in a day.

Well, well, well.  Isn’t that interesting?

And, all of the sudden you are hungry again.  Of course you are!  Your body is so psyched that you have food available that it is going to push you to eat.  And how does your body do that?  With hunger, of course.

Hunger is how your body talks to you.  Don’t mess with it, or it will mess with you.

You start eating more in one meal than you ate in an entire day when you were dieting.

I know you know what I am talking about.

So, if you “lose” your hunger, beware.  Value your hunger.  Keep your hunger alive by eating when you are hungry and putting the fork down when you are not.  That is how to get your body healthy and THIN.  It is slower than dieting.  Yes.

So what.  Do you want quick and stupid or smart and permanent?  (Is that too harsh??)

Jessica saying that she is not hungry is sad to me.  It means that she has cut calories to a degree that her body has given up sending her hunger signals.

She will lose weight.  She will gain it back.

And think how amazing that is.  She is being paid millions of dollars.  She has all the resources in the world available to her.  And yet she will not win the war she is waging on her body.  Her body is strong and she should be glad.

Then she should stop dieting and reconnect with her body.  She was not born to be fat. She got fat after she over-dieted.  (Remember how thin she got for Daisy Dukes?)

Yet she will gain it back.  I don’t wish that on her, of course.  It is just that the best predictor of the future, is the past.