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Modeling a Healthy Thin Mentality


Since there is just one “rule” with a thin mentality–eat when hungry–I have found it helpful to just give examples of thin eating versus diet mentality eating to help people understand the difference.

Healthy thin eaters look forward to being hungry.
Dieters fear their hunger

Healthy thin eaters know how to take care of their hunger
Dieters have no idea what their bodies are truly craving

Healthy thin eaters don’t base their eating choices on the future or the past
Dieters count up how many calories–or points, whatever– to decide if they should eat

Healthy thin eaters value their hunger and don’t waste it on food they don’t like
Dieters will eat a stale bag of cookies on the eve of a new diet

Healthy thin eaters do not worry about how to handle food at a party
Dieters may even skip a party to avoid food.

Healthy thin eaters eat nutritious food because their bodies crave it
Dieters eat nutritious food because Dr. Oz told them to.

Healthy thin eaters have a little bedtime snack if they are hungry
Dieters go to bed early and avoid the kitchen to avoid eating

Healthy thin eaters end up eating less, over time, than dieters, at a much more even pace.
Dieters eat a lot one day and then starve themselves the next

Healthy thin eaters know that if they eat a calorie dense food when they are hungry for it, that later on in the day, their appetite will reflect that.
Dieters eat a calorie dense food and often binge because they “already ruined their diet.”

There are so many examples, I will keep them coming.  Hopefully, if you don’t know a naturally thin person, these examples will help.  🙂


So Juice is Evil?


Another response to a comment from the “Weight of the Nation.”

One of the experts said that we should NEVER drink juice.

OK, so here we go again, with a “good food” versus “bad food” mentality…

The expert said that juice is a “bad” food because it is high in calories.  So he thinks he is helping by saying that you should never drink juice, because then your calorie consumption for the day would be lower, and then you would lose weight, or at least not gain.

If you want to be a dieter for the rest of your life, following food rules instead of your own personal biology, then go ahead and follow this advice.  Count your calories and don’t waste them on juice…  You will forgo the foods you love, strengthen the disconnect between what your body wants, and what you provide.  Yes, you may diet your way down a few pounds.  But remember, what is the best predictor of the future?  It is the past.  And when you diet, you lose weight and then you gain it back.

But that kind of a life isn’t good enough for me.  And I hope it isn’t good enough for you.

Why would a wonderful, beautiful food, like fresh squeezed orange juice, be banned from my life.  I just  had a glass- and I love it.  I “crave” it.  It tastes like health to me.  It is pulpy and cold and sweet and thirst quenching and one of those simple pleasures in life.

Do I drink a gallon of it?  No!  And why not?  Because since I know that I will never diet again and that I can have OJ anytime my body asks for it (I have learned to listen, and SO CAN YOU) I drink a small glass and am completely satisfied.

And my body knows that I drank it.  By that I mean that I am not ingesting calories that go unnoticed.  And my body also knows what nutrients are in what I drank-  it is “processing” them.  So later on today, I may not crave something full vitamin C.  I may crave a protein heavy chicken salad with crunchy vegetables in it.  Who knows!  I am not worried about it.  I drank the juice I was craving, and now I move on.

But this expert would have given me big points for pouring myself a large glass of ice water instead of the juice I wanted.  How miserable!  I needed juice, so I drank it.  And now I am done, moving onto more important things.


With Heavy Adults As Role Models, What Can We Expect?

photoDid you see “Weight of the Nation” on HBO?

Several things struck me.

First, many of the nurses, doctors, and parents who were trying to help the overweight children were also overweight.  So children have overweight adults “teaching” them how to be a healthy weight?  I assure you, that irony is not lost on the children…

Most likely, these adults have been riding the diet train themselves, and are convinced that the way to be thin is through food restrictions and a “good food” versus “bad food” mentality.    But haven’t we seen an absolute failure of diets to produce permanent, healthful weight loss?

Yet these adults are imparting this “wisdom

We need to teach all of those obese children in that Louisiana town that there is extreme joy and pleasure in eating when hungry.  And that betraying your body by eating when you are not hungry is not joyful.  It is a habit.  And bad habits can be broken.  And good habits can take hold.

But if the adults around them have them convinced that eating in response to diet rules will help them get back into normal size kids clothes, then they truly are doomed.

Teach them to connect with their own bodies and discover what they truly like.  Help them learn to listen to hunger, and how little food it takes to quiet their hunger.  And teach them how much better it is to eat when hungry rather than to eat for entertainment, or as I like to call it, Eatertainment.

Teaching our kids to eat for reasons other that physical hunger has caused obesity.  Teaching them to eat for physical hunger only is the way out.