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Radio Show – Why I didn’t fit in

boo me in purseSomeone asked me to be on the radio.  They clearly didn’t look at my website or Facebook page very well.

I didn’t fit in well at all…  (Yes that is me with my dog-just love this pic so thought I’d share…)

They built a show, one that they hope will bring in advertising revenue, based on “healthy lifestyles.”

It was the typical, tired, overused cliches and rules about dieting and how to get thin.  A phrase that was used a lot was, “How to make it through the holidays without gaining weight.”

Is that really the best we can do?  To “make it through” the holidays?

A caller called in and said that he eats an apple before going to a party so that he eats less at the party.  Everyone cheered- what a  “good” way to make it through the holidays- ??

That is such a diet mentality.

Here is a thin mentality dealing with the holidays:

I love the holidays- there is so much good food that I don’t usually get that I can enjoy.  I get that smoked turkey from my aunt, there is eggnog and roast beef and special roasted vegetables at my sister’s house and I cook more than usual, including that strata for Christmas morning.

It is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy satisfying my hunger.

Before a special meal,  I make sure that I am in Stage 2 hunger when it will be time to eat.  (Not desperately hungry like when I am at Stage 3, just pleasantly hungry.)
I have learned over the years how to time this very well. You will too!

If I know I won’t make it to dinner without getting over hungry, I eat a little something I love from the appetizer table.  (not an apple at home by myself!!)  But, since I like the actual meal better than the appetizers, I would never fill up and waste my hunger on that.  (There are sometimes when I prefer appetizers, but not over the holidays!)

Anyway do you get the idea?

It is a mindset that isn’t afraid of the holiday food!  I appreciate holiday food.  But, since I can always eat what I crave when I am hungry, there is ZERO  motivation to over eat.

The longer you are a thin mentality person, the less tolerance you have for over eating.  It is a terrible feeling to overload your stomach.  It ruins the evening- or day.  I haven’t done it in a long long time, but I remember the feeling well.

It was always especially bad after dieting.  After weeks or months of strict eating, I would just lose it and binge.  I know you know the feeing.  To be free of that is such a triumph.  I never ever ever worry about that anymore.

I am not special.  This is normal.

I hope you had a good holiday season.  I hope you enjoyed great food when you were hungry.  I hope you stopped when your fantastic body said, “enough.”

It takes some trial and error for a thin mentality to take hold.  Be willing to get through it.  The reward:  thin, happy, relaxed around food.  (For the rest of your life.)

Happy 2013 🙂


Response to Facebook Comment


It is great when people make comments because it helps me to know what would be a helpful blog.

OK- so let’s talk about the “stages” of hunger.  This is my own interpretation of hunger and what it means to me.  This is just common sense.

Stage 1 hunger is when you notice that you are starting to get hungry.  It is NOT an emergency.  I view it like this.  “Great, I am getting hungry, I will get to eat soon.”   I say it to myself that way because it is fun to eat when you are hungry.  It is a great, wonderful experience.  It is not full of angst and guilt and counting, like when I was a dieter.

If I was really active the day before, I might start to feel hungry earlier than usual, and it may come on really strong and fast.  Since I have made the effort to learn about my hunger, I know this.  So I don’t worry and think, “Oh no, I am so hungry and all I can have is tuna.”  NO!  I simply say, “Wow, this feels like that kind of hunger that gets strong really quickly, so I better figure out what/ when/where I am going to eat.”

This again is just common sense and me knowing how to take care of my hunger.

Stage 2 hunger is when I eat.  I am hungry, easily distracted by the thought of food, my mouth waters at the mention of food.  So I eat!

If, for whatever reason, I have had to wait until Stage 3 hunger–which is when you feel desperately hungry and even grumpy and really “empty,” I have noticed that I eat more and enjoy it less. I am not as picky about what I eat, and I eat quickly.

Sure this happens sometimes, of course.  The real world will do that to you.

But I don’t stress out about that.  I just say to myself, tomorrow, I should do a better job of making sure that I eat when I am happily in Stage 2 hunger.  I eat less in Stage 2, and enjoy it more.

The biggest thing to avoid is when you are so hungry that hunger goes away.  I have noticed that in the past when I dieted, hunger would go away.  Guess why?  My smart body is coping with the miserable situation I have put it in.  My body thinks I am in a famine and is trying to protect me, so I can survive without that debilitating hunger.  That is how people who are on a diet are able to say, “I am not hungry at all!”

I avoid that like the plague.


Because I have learned from my own history, and the history of those whom I worked with at Nutrisystem, and other people in my life whom I have watched diet, that if hunger goes away while you are dieting, you are in for binges as soon as you stop dietng.

Your hunger comes ROARING back as soon as you crack and eat a little.

And that is where people gain back all their weight.  It is as if they have no control.  They don’t.  Their bodies are  strong, and worried that another famine is around the corner.  So…. your body seeks to pack on the pounds.

So, bottom line:

Notice your hunger in Stage 1
Eat in Stage 2
Avoid getting to Stage 3

Your body will feel safe, and trust that you will feed it.  You will not feel the urge to hoard food, also known as bingeing.  And you will enjoy a life that includes delicious, non-stressed eating.