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Halloween, no problem


Don’t let Halloween scare you!

There is ZERO motivation to binge on candy with your thin mentality intact.

I used to be so “good” and not have one bite.  My willpower so “strong.”  Until I broke and shoved down ten at once.

Did I enjoy that?  No.  Even while I was eating them I was bummed out thinking about how I was going to have to starve myself the next day… or not.

Now, the big bowl of candy is no big deal.  It is just a bunch of candy.  When I get hungry, if I want some, I give myself full “permission” to have it.  It holds no magic, no power.  Nothing.

And it is so so interesting.  When I want something sweet now, it is very unlikely that I would pick that, because… I am picky now.

I wouldn’t waste my hunger on a candy bar unless it was the exact kind I love the most and I knew it was fresh.

I love it when I get hungry, I protect my hunger.  I don’t waste it on stuff I don’t love.

Why would I?  Why would you?

That bowl of candy that has been sitting there for a week doesn’t pass the test, usually.  I would rather have something hot and delicious out of the oven-  fresh cookies or whatever.

It may be different for you.  You may not even have a sweet tooth like me.

Value your hunger.   It is a gift from Mother Nature.  And take care of it with food you love, not some random candy bar just because it happens to be there…


Dr. Oz Is At It Again


Today’s show is on (another)  latest and greatest fat buster.  Really, again?

He says he doesn’t sell this product so his endorsement of it is “honest.”

Well what does he sell?

He sells his show.  And his show has to have “revolutionary” new foods and magic fat busters to keep you interested.   So he hypes these products to keep you tuned in.  He sells and sells and sells.

Everyday is an amazing breakthrough.   You “can’t miss” this show.  Today he hyped “November as the Month to Remember” with shows all month on this new craving killer, and this new belly buster, and this healthy this, and this healthy that.

We waste so much of our lives, money, and energy on this.  There is NO magic bullet.

Yet Dr. Oz makes you think that there is.  You just need to follow his advice on what and when to eat and you will be saved.

People!  If we took every product that he says you should take everyday (today it is a shot glass of pine nuts)  we would be eating all day long!

I am watching this show as I write this.  A heavy woman is looking at him with adoring eyes. “Surely the lean doctor can save me from my fatness.”


Wake up and see him for what he is.  He is a celebrity who is making money off the optimism of dieters who believe that if they just find the magic food combination, they will shrink.

Listen to me!!


Doesn’t that make you wonder?

Everything on his show is “revolutionary!”

Now he is going to talk about some magic tea in this next segment.  Ugh.

Oh my, and now he says he is going to tell you how to lose three pounds in three days.  Unless you are enormous, that is not possible!  That weight will be mostly water and you will gain that back anyway.

I have to turn it off.

This kind of propaganda is what made you think you need to look elsewhere to know what and when and how much to eat.  But look at his audience full of followers.  They are mostly heavy, right?  So his leadership is not working.

Turn off his show.  Don’t be influenced by his props and rapid fire medical talk.

There is no magic combo.

Your good ole body is right there, with you, hoping against hope that you will listen to it, instead of all the advertisements you see on TV.  And Dr. Oz is one long advertisement for himself.


More on Katie Couric and her Eating Disorder

11th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - Vanity Fair Party - ArrivalsInteresting.

On her new show, Katie talked about having bulimia when she was in college. The pressure to be thin made her adopt a diet mentality that created such a good food – bad food mentality that if she ate one thing- even a stick of regular gum, she freaked out!
That is such a sad story!  Can you imagine all the time and energy she lost doing that?
Even if you don’t have a disorder like that, if you are overly obsessed with food and eating, you are suffering too.
Mother nature didn’t create us to struggle so much with simply eating!  We have turned a wonderful pleasure- eating- into an exercise in complete frustration!
We have been told that eating is complicated and that you must balance all the calories and protein and fat and vitamins!!
Folks, stop it!
There is no such thing as perfect eating.  Your body will guide you to what you need.  Your body is smart.
Here is an example of a smart body.   I got food poisoning the other day- OMG was that awful.  Did my brain know that what I ate was rotten?
No, my smart body did.  It said –  no way am I keeping this rotten food in here and I exploded-!
Ha Ha- you know – threw up many many times.
I count on my body to know when I am poisoned- and to make me sick.  I trust my body to tell me when I am hungry and when I am full.  I trust my body to tell me when I need protein, when I need greens and when I need cake.  And  yes, sometimes I need cake.
I know you think that won’t happen for you.  I know you think you will only crave cake.  Or ice cream or whatever.  That is not true.  You have been taught to mistrust your beautiful body.  And maybe your parents ate all the time, never in response to true hunger, so you never learned to listen.
I say bla bla bla to all of that.  Don’t let past defeat ensure future defeat.  It is NEVER too late to learn to listen to your instincts.  They are still within you, and are just waiting for you to respect them.
To help you, I wrote a book too.  Again, please understand that I am not all about selling a book to you.   But I want you to know that it is available.
I wish someone, when I was younger had helped me stop dieting and wasting my life.  I want to help you.

Jennifer Livingston Story

jenniferlivingstoncbs-screenDid you see the story of the newscaster who fought back when a man emailed her saying that she should lose weight because she was a bad role model?

Two reactions:  First, of course it was really lame for that guy to assume that her weight was any of his business, or that he was, in any way, qualified to judge whether or not she was a good role model.

Second reaction:  Even though I fully support Jennifer in her job at whatever weight she wants to be, I also can’t help thinking that if she could, she would choose to have a thinner body.

I don’t know her.  But, I do know many, many people like her.  These are people who have tried to get thin, through dieting, and have ended up being fatter than ever as a result.  They started at 20 pounds over weight, lost it, then gained back 25.  Then they lost that and gained back 30.  Etc Etc Etc.

No, I am not sure this is what happened to her, but I would bet that it is.

And what happens to many of these people is that they just give up and decide that they are just going to live their lives at the weight they are.

I actually think this is smarter than continuing to diet and lose and diet and gain.  It is more healthful to stay heavy than to yo yo.

But, she may not realize that she does have another choice.  She could learn to trust herself and to reject the culturally supported truism that diets are the way to thinness.

She could re-connect with her biology and realize that she does not have to  punish herself to get thin.  She has to trust herself and respect the instincts she was born with, but that have been trained out of her.

Diets have made her sad, hungry, feel imprisoned, and consistently disappointed  because she never kept any weight off.

But, Jennifer, if you want to be thin, try a whole new way of thinking.  Try eating what you crave when you are hungry.  Instead of eating dry tuna on lettuce and fruit for lunch, order what you love and enjoy it until you are no longer hungry.  No, it will not take long!  Maybe you will only eat half of it-

But you know what is so great?  Think of it this way:  You can eat the whole thing.  Just not all at once…

What a great saying, right?  You can eat the whole cake.  Just not all at once.  You can eat the whole fried fish platter.  Just not all at once.  You can eat the whole rueben.  Just not all at once  You can eat the whole bowl of fruit.  Just not all at once.  You can eat the whole bowl of broccoli.  Just not all at once.

No matter what the food, it is NOT okay to overload your stomach.

(But once you free yourself to eat what you want, you will find that your choices change and eating cake at every meal just isn’t as delightful as you thought it would be..)

So, relax.  There is no “denial” in thin mentality living.  There is “delaying.”  Delay eating until you are truly hungry.  Then enjoy.  And then, when the hunger is gone, delay eating more until you are hungry again.

If anyone knows Jennifer- send her this post 😉 .  I wish her all the best, and hope that someday she discovers that she, too, was born with a thin mentality, but was not taught to respect her own instincts and biology.